Custom Magnets Enjoy An Upper Hand Among Promotional Items – Must Read

Promotional magnets are time tested ways to promote your business and enhance brand visibility thanks to its high utility and incredible popularity. Your recipients will find it useful in holding up their shopping lists or daily reminders and magnets seldom get thrown away!

2.25x3.12 Custom Printed Balloon Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Here are some of the benefits of magnets that put them ahead among promotional items.

Ease of distribution:

Light weight and portable, custom magnets are easy to store and distribute, which means marketers can save on transportation and warehouse costs. The best part is that if you want to mail them out, it is extremely easy to do that due to their size and shape without adding up to the postage charges. If you are one of the many marketers looking for a cost effective promotional gift to reach out to their widely scattered audience, look no further than custom magnets as your logo items.

High utility

Magnets are not just fun but will impart a playful twist to even a bland or low key business promotion. Your recipients will love magnets for their high functionality. Whether they use them to hold notes or add a fun pop of color to their fridge surfaces, magnets will leave  lasting impact on the fridge users.

High retention

Magnets are not damaged or discarded unlike most other promotional items- a feature that will earn them a few brownie points.  Magnets typically remain on the fridge doors years on end, all the while creating priceless brand impressions for your business. On an average, a person will open the fridge 10 to 12 times a day, which means that a single promotional magnet can make 924 impressions per month and over 11,000 times per year! To put it in another way,  promotional magnets enjoy one of the lowest advertising costs per impressions, which makes them well suited for budget marketers and start up businesses.

Budget friendly

Magnets are ridiculously low priced, which makes them ideal for mass promotional events. Bulk orders ensure the best discounts as well. So, if you wish to give all your tradeshow attendees a handout without breaking your budget, look no further than custom magnets. Shaped magnets or calendar magnets will make great choices to arrest the attention of your audience and to ensure something they will be tempted to retain for a long time.

Creative customization at its best

Full color custom magnets offer a lot of customization options and ensure a dramatic appeal to your message. Be it an artwork, logo or call to action message, anything imprinted on these will easily make heads turn. Make the best use of the imprint options on custom magnets to ensure the best effect.

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