Custom Magnets- Make Your Message Stick and Well Noticed!

Businesses often put in a lot of effort and time to find custom gifts that are budget friendly, popular and crowd pleasing. If you thought finding a gift that meets all these criteria is easier said than done, you might not have thought about custom magnets. Available in an interesting range of shapes and sizes, these full color magnets can be personalized with your logo, contact information or artwork to turn them into a delightful way to keep your brand or message in front of customers.

5.25x8 Custom Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Be it calendar magnets, save the date magnets, announcement magnets, business card magnets or more, there is a range of custom magnets in all possible models. Imprint words of wisdom, motivational messages, emergency numbers, kitchen conversion unit or CPR tips to enhance the value and popularity of custom magnets. Every time your recipients see these logo items they will be reminded of your brand.

Now for some of the benefits of custom magnets that you might not have thought about

Magnets change hands often

Though it is not considered good to give a gift that you got from someone, in business it would mean more brand exposure. These attractive full color magnets run a high chance of changing hands in the friends and social circles of your recipients because anyone who sees these eye pleasing magnets will be tempted to make them theirs!

Every time these logo magnets reach a new audience your brand is getting more mileage and exposure. Though in most cases re-gifting happens naturally, businesses can promote re-gifting by giving two magnets to double the advertising impact with little effort. The promotional budget you spend will come back to you many times over when you have custom magnets as your promotional items.

Custom magnets make unbeatable mailer gifts

Businesses often resort to business newsletters and mailers to announce deals and stay connected with their target audience. Light weight, compact and versatile, magnets will make a perfect mailer gift that will increase the chances of your mailers getting opened. Add a surprise element to even a low key mailer campaign by including these custom magnets that are too good to resist. Apart from enhancing the identity of refrigerator doors and filing cabinets, custom magnets make an impromptu spot for the users to keep their shopping lists and kids’ artwork.

On an average, people open their fridge doors just about 20 times; so you can imagine the exposure your brand will get on these custom magnets. Loads of fun and versatility, custom magnets can be used to promote all types of businesses and brands as well without ever looking out of place. The budget friendly attribute of custom magnets will make it well suited for mass mailer campaigns during end of the year or holiday events and promotions.

Magnets make popular Referral gifts

Businesses can ask for referrals in a subtle way from their regular clients by inspiring them to refer your brand to someone they know by handing out freebies like custom magnets. Customize it with an appreciative message and greetings that will leave your recipients happy and well appreciated.

Have you used custom magnets in your promotions? If not, it is the right time to do so to impress your audience. Hurry!