Custom Magnets- Simple Handouts for Story Telling Marketing

Most businesses adopt a story telling strategy in their business promotions to make it subtle and personal. Custom magnets will make a great addition to your promotional plan to attain this objective.

Telling what you are and what your expertise it will create confidence in consumers. Studies have shown that telling a story not just makes the business message more memorable but will add a personal touch to your branding. While only 5%  of consumers recall statistics, a staggering  63% remembered stories!

Professionally designed marketing tools like custom magnets can go a long way in presenting a brand image in a story format to add credibility to your services. Plus it will ensure a human face to the business events and give your brand a friendly profile. Storytelling in marketing will make it easy for the audience  to understand the call to action message!

Why magnets

Stories told through artwork, taglines or images on custom magnets will get a lot of attention. Firstly, magnets are fun and popular and secondly, these will remain in plain view of the audience. Story telling through magnets is a cost effective way that help marketers achieve a foot hold in a marketplace and create an advertisement that resonates and sticks with people.

 Design continuity is the key

Make sure to adopt the same design and color scheme in all marketing  swag  right from business cards, to your signage and magnets. It will go a long way in making your brand easily recognizable.

 Choose an appropriate model

Custom magnets are available in a wide range of models right from calendar magnets to car magnets , sports schedule magnets and shaped magnets- to list a few. Consider the tastes of your target audience and your basic promotional objective to choose an appropriate model. For instance , if you are planning  to organize a fund raising drive for a local sports club, sports schedule magnets will be a perfect choice whereas house shaped magnets will be a better option for real estate promotions.

Bulk deals

Ordering in bulk is the best way to stretch your promotional dollars while scouting for promotional magnets.  If you are planning mass events like trade shows or mailer campaigns, bulk orders will help you save a pretty penny.

Easy to customize

Probably what makes custom magnets a great choice for story telling market is the ease of customization.  Anything imprinted on these full color magnets will stand out nicely. Make sure to include shaped magnets that complement your brand to drive home the message effortlessly. Come up with a creative way to wrap your message in a story format  all the while including your logo, tagline and even milestones to leave a lasting impression among the audience.

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