Custom Magnets – Why They Outsmart The Conventional Marketing Tools

There can’t be any fridge door or filing cabinet without a magnet or two. Apart from adding a speck of color to the otherwise bland surface of the refrigerator, magnets double up as a hold up to keep their little reminders or shopping lists. Magnets have a casual charm about it and will grab easy attention. No wonder businesses have been using these hugely popular items to promote their business and get across their message.

2x3.5 Custom Attorney/Lawyer Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Custom magnets are great for all types of businesses as these can be personalized with your brand, message and even theme colors to make it double up as your business card. Still thinking?

Here are some valid reasons why you should use save the date magnets in your promotional mix.

  1. Budget friendly: Custom magnets are mostly cost effective and have one of the lowest costs per impressions. Cheaper than most traditional advertising methods like print or electronic media advertisements, magnets will make consistent impressions all its life without repeat investment or effort.
  2. Handy: Light weight and easy to store and distribute, custom magnets will fit snugly on work desks and fridge doors. The good thing about magnets is that these can be used at home, office or even on the move to take your brand recall into a higher plane. Custom magnets will get your message seen many times every day and your recipients will surely think about your brand when they need your product or services.
  3. Eye catching : Magnets grab easy attention of your targeted audience. By putting your brand on it, you can inspire them to try your products and set off word of mouth publicity. It is the best way to announce new product launch or new store opening as save the date magnets will not just keep the date of the event right in front of the eye span but will keep your brand the banter topic in their social circles.
  4. Brand promotion: Magnets will get a lot of eyeballs, which means your brand name will get popular among a larger audience during tradeshows and business events. Not many custom handouts can match the charisma of custom magnets in leaving a lasting brand impression.
  5. Magnets make great collectibles: Personalized magnets make great collectibles to celebrate milestones and special occasions. Imprint the milestone celebration message on it to make it a perfect souvenir for your regular customers and employees that will motivate them and make them feel appreciated.

Choose from a range of custom magnet models like business card magnets, sports schedule magnets, calendar magnets and more and make your brand promotions truly special.