Custom School Magnets- The Best Handouts For The New School Year

Summer break is only a few days away. As the schools close, the school administrators will be brainstorming the best promotional tactics to draw more students to their schools. Not all promotional gifts may pay off; you need handouts that are fun and inspiring to keep the students engaged with your brand.

School magnets not just get your message across but will foster school spirit, support fundraising efforts, and keep the parents well informed on the various events in the school calendar.

Car magnets  – A budget friendly handout to boost school spirit, car magnets can be used to support school sports teams, clubs etc. These full color magnets can be placed on cars, filing cabinets and metal study tables. It makes a perfect way for students, parents to show their school pride wherever they go. School Bus Shape Magnets  will make a great giveaway to your users. You can even place them on your official vehicles to pique interest of anyone who sees it.  Vehicle magnets also make great fund raising items for schools. The low sticker price will make it possible for school administrators to sell off at a higher price to raise enough fund for their activities and events during the new school year.

5.25x1.75 Custom School Bus Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Business card magnets

School Business Card Magnets are great for mailer campaigns and community level promotions to attract new leads. These square-cornered fully customizable magnets offer high visibility for your brand and will enjoy a high retention over the fridge doors of your recipients for a long time.  These attractive magnetic cards will make great talking topics as well and the parents will be pleased to refer your school to their friends, thereby taking your message to a wider secondary audience.  Unlike paper cards, these magnetic cards will never get discarded or misplaced, thereby ensuring more staying power for your message.

3.5x2 Custom School Business Card Magnets 20 Mil

Sports schedule magnets

School Sports Schedule Magnets: Having an impressive sports calendar will enhance the popularity of any school. Parents often prefer schools that focus on the extra- curricular activities of the wards; these sports schedule magnets can be used to show off the sports events that your school hosts in an academic year. These magnets make great souvenirs year after year for students and will make proud brand tokens for your institution. Advertisers seeking this magnetic sticker can always order it in bulk to seek discounts.

3.5x4 Custom School Sports Schedule Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Mini School Calendar Magnets
Give a glimpse of what is in store in the year ahead for your parents and patrons by handing out these highly useful calendar magnets.  It will earn a permanent spot on the fridge doors of your audience and set off word of mouth publicity at one time investment.

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