Pack A Promotional Punch With Custom Refrigerator Magnets

Ideally the best custom products are the ones that are highly visible, interesting and useful. There could be thousands of promotional items that may match these criteria but if you are looking for something quirky and fun, promotional magnets will make a smart choice. Budget friendly and attractive, magnets have a playful vibe about them.  Everyone wants magnets to make their fridge door attractive and also to stick their reminders and phone numbers. But few people go out and actually buy them. That’s why magnets are always warmly accepted!

3.5x4.5 Personalized Picture Frame Rectangle Punch Magnets 20 Mil

Why magnets

Everyone loves the idea of getting custom magnets as freebies. It makes a fun way to get across to an audience of different demographics and interests. People find it useful to hold up their shopping lists or reminders and above all will simply love the fun of pop of color that these magnets will bring to their desk counters or fridge doors.   You can handout useful models like calendar magnets that will make a great reference item for the prospects for a whole year.

Sports schedule magnets will not just keep the game schedule of the home team on display but your brand as well. Every time your recipients take a closer look at the next big game on offer, they will grow closer to your brand. The next time when they need your products, your brand will instinctively come to their mind. The best part, magnets make great talking topics as well; people love it as collectibles and are excited to talk about these in their social circles.

However, magnets are often overlooked as marketing tools. If you have not used promotional magnets in your brand promotions, you could be missing the beat. Magnets enjoy a cult status as not just promotional items but team spirit items and fund raising tools as well. Magnets have become a way for people to show off their hobbies, passions and social commitments. For instance, a refrigerator decked up with a team’s mascot or ribbon magnets will say a lot about the person and his commitments.

Magnets are light weight and compact, which makes it easy to employ them in mailer campaigns and door- to-door canvassing.  Draw up a list of customers that you think are loyal to your brand and send these full color magnets as mailer items. It will be a surprise to them and your prospects will have yet another delightful reason to cherish your brand.

The biggest advantage of custom refrigerator magnets is that it allows marketers to charter a highly targeted promotion. Why handout your branding items to all and sundry when you can hand pick your cream of audience and make sure that your message reaches them with clockwork precision?