How To Drive Sales Effectively With Custom Car Magnets

For small business owners, running a promotional campaign can be tough. Having a modest budget on hand and sticking to it may not be easy at times. Making use of the available resources to the maximum is the key in such situations. For instance, if you have company vehicles, you can turn it into the best marketing tool by branding it smartly with car magnets.  You need to make just a one-time investment and over the time you get a huge return on your investment.

5.75x3.75 Custom Oval Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Each time your service vehicle gets driven around, your brand will get in the sight-line of hundreds of other drivers, pedestrians and shoppers. Result- you make priceless impression for your business each day. The more your brand is seen the more will be the brand recall of your audience.

A branded vehicle will enhance your brand identity and make it look more professional. Result- your prospects will see you as an authority in your business line. Car magnets can be applied on any vehicle that you may be having -be it a car, truck or van. Get your contact details, web url and logo imprinted on the magnets to give all the essential information that your prospects may be seeking. People may get only a few seconds to catch a glimpse of the car magnets on a moving vehicle. So, make sure to keep the text large and readable; stick to just the basic details. Cluttering the imprint space with too much information may not serve the purpose of conveying the message.

Magnets are easy to apply and can be removed without causing any damage to your vehicle. The best part is that you can reposition these magnets on different vehicles to create a new look and a new promotional theme every time.

What If You Don’t Want Your Car Branded All The Time

Outdoor car magnets will give you a free hand in turning your business vehicle into personal vehicle nd vice versa as it can be easily removed. If you don’t want it covered with your business info all the time, just remove the magnets and un-brand your vehicle. Store them away and apply it when you need. Car magnets literally make portable advertising as simple as 1-2-3!

Removable and reusable, car magnets are made to withstand the outdoor weather elements with ease and will retain its color and beauty for a long time. Stick them on the door or the metal bumper of the car. It will stay firmly stuck to the car body even in poor weather thereby grabbing the attention of people around.

How to customize

Car magnets are probably the most interesting of all magnets when it comes to customization options. Offered in various sizes, these custom magnets  can be imprinted with games, cartoons, fun quotes and more. Just let your creative juices flow and use our easy studio tool to come up with a unique design that nobody else has!

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