How Car Magnets Take Your Brand Visibility To a New Level

Take your outdoor brand visibility to a new level with custom car magnets.

What’s really good about these full color custom magnets is that it can be fully customized to match the customers exquisite tastes. It comes in different interesting shapes and price rates. Also, these magnets are outdoor safe and durable as well.

Unlike other promotional products, custom magnets are versatile and useful. Hence, they make great premium corporate giveaways or handouts with purchase. That’s why companies love to use them in business promotions.

Why custom vehicle magnets

Branding Opportunity

In addition, Printed car magnets are perfect for all types of events including school events,  product launch, store promotions and more. Promoting your brand with these high visibility magnets definitely increases your brand exposure. Your brand name, logo and artwork printed in full color will stand out from these magnets in style and will even pique interest among the audience.


Undoubtedly, custom magnets will look great  on any vehicle. Choose an appropriate shaped magnet  in the right size for optimum visibility. Magnets indeed look classy yet trendy –The simple design gives off a modern and clean feel while ensuring a grand brand display. Anyone who see these full color magnets will surely love these vehicle magnets.


 This may be one of the strongest points in this campaign. Custom car magnets come in different shapes, sizes and colors. This will even encourage  your prospects to collect a few for their collection! Collectible promos  like magnets are an effective way to get customers to buy more.

Make it value added

Add long expiry discount deals and promotional offers on these magnets to make it extra special and more value added. It will create an urgency that pushes them to make a purchase before the offer expires. This could even stir off the much desired word of mouth publicity for your business.

Convenient Advertising Tool

When customers stick these promo magnets on their cars or bikes they directly promote the brand to everyone they meet- be it on streets, camp sites and more.. Its functionality and flexibility could eventually spark meaningful conversation, thereby spreading the word about the brand.

Budget friendly

The prime selling point of custom magnets is that it is much more cost-effective than traditional TV ads like print and enjoy a long term shelf life. Thus, custom car magnets make consistent brand impressions at one time investment and make new leads

If these promotional car magnets interest you, and would like to create your own custom-designed magnets please feel free to contact us.

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