Refrigerator Magnets Make Great Mailer Items

Refrigerator magnets are everywhere. Nobody can ever get enough of these full color, eye catchy magnets that pop out from fridge doors and filing cabinets. 

Apart from being a fridge décor item and a handy place to hold up reminders and shopping lists, it makes a lasting reminder for businesses and brands. In addition, custom refrigerator magnets are easy to distribute in person or mail out thanks to its light weight and compact design.

Fridge magnets are often taken for granted. However,   these giveaways hold amazing promotional potential.  Well retained and popular, these eye catching magnets will surely make consistent impressions at one time investment.

Here are some benefits  of custom refrigerator magnets

Visually appealing

Full color custom magnets play an important role indeed in attracting customers and improving sales. Add your logo, or taglines to make it engaging, for not just the recipients but anyone who happens to see it. Magnets often make a great conversation starter as well, because these occupy the premium real estate of fridge doors. Plus, refrigerators occupy high traffic zones in every home and office, which means that refrigerator magnets will get a lot of easy eyeballs for sure.

Budget friendly

Custom magnets are a great way to advertise your brand on a budget; as these are way cheaper than conventional advertisements like newspaper. It will allow your message to stand out and boost brand awareness.

High visibility

Elevate your brand to a whole new level with custom magnets that will entice every genre of audience without being intrusive. Popular across all age groups and demographics, fridge magnets make wonderful collectibles and freebies. After all, who would not like to get these quirky shaped, full color magnets?

Easy to customize

Visual appeal is the main selling point of custom magnets. Marketers can make the best use of their creativity while making them. Designed to last long and look great, these premium quality magnets are here to stay for long.  Think beyond your logo by coming up with creative artwork,  or QR codes, which makes it easier for customers to access your company website. Try to come up with some unique designs to make your brand stand out. Being original is what makes these logo items special.

Surprise Factor

You can spring up a surprise for your customers with custom magnets as mailer items. The magnets that pop out when they open the mailers will impress them. Besides, it will enhance the value and popularity of your correspondence as well.


Add a  fun design that customers will surely love to see when they open your promotional mailer. This will make your promotions engaging and your marketing message memorable. An engaging message on the magnets will inspire your target audience to surely respond to your call to action.

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