December Is Aids Awareness Month – Plan Your Promotions

December is AIDS Awareness Month, which makes it a perfect time of the year to raise awareness on this deadly disease, to remember those who have passed on and to organize fund raising events for the treatment and prevention services. Reports show that over one million Americans are living with HIV and the total number of people with HIV in the country has increased recently.


For marketers who wish to support this social cause can plan awareness events, health marathons , 5k races for employees, fund raising events and much more. Choose appropriate promotional gifts that will remain as tokens of your social commitment and will remind your recipients about the importance of remaining safe from this killer disease. You can customize these free gifts with your brand, AIDS awareness message or artwork and every time your recipients see these logo items they will be impressed about your social responsibility and commitment. Studies show that customers prefer to associate themselves with brands that are socially committed than other brands.

So, if you have been looking for AIDS awareness handouts for your customers, look no further than custom magnets because firstly these are cost effective and perfect for mass events and secondly magnets enjoy a longer retention. Put your brand on and enjoy repeat brand impression without any repeat investment or effort.

2×4.12 Custom Ribbon Shaped Awareness Magnets 20 Mil : Red ribbon has always been associated with AIDS awareness. Hand out these well recognized ribbon shaped magnets to grab easy attention. Your brand image will get as much attention as the Aids prevention message on these. Your recipients would love to retain these as souvenirs of this awareness day on their fridge doors or filing cabinets, which means that these custom items are likely to make consistent impressions for a very long time to come. The best part – you pay only once!


Custom AIDS Awareness Day Outdoor and Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners: Raise awareness about AIDS that snuff out countless precious lives every year with these AIDS awareness day outdoor and car magnets. These can be placed at the back of the car or other vehicles and every time the cars are driven around, your logo and the awareness message will both get a lot of attention. These are great to promote Aids health check up camps, nonprofit organizations and hospitals among others. Customize it with all the relevant branding information for the maximum impact.

12x18 Custom AIDS Awareness Day Outdoor and Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Custom Triangle Shape Magnets 20 Mil: These magnets will buy easy attention with its unusual shape. Customize it for maximum effect. It is perfect for any marketer or individual trying to steal the attention of their targeted customers with low investment. Looks perfect over refrigerator, filing cabinet or any other metalized surfaces

3.75x2.5 Custom Triangle Shape Magnets 20 Mil

3.5×2 Custom 3-Piece Puzzle Shape Announcement Magnets 20 Mil: AIDS has always remained a mystery and a puzzle for health care providers all over the world and even today there is no permanent cure for this disease. Theses puzzle shaped magnets will surely encourage the recipients to ponder over this issue and to join in the struggle to find cure for this deadly disease. This magnet helps you to grab customer attention easily and stay closer to them for a long time.

3.5x2 Custom 3-Piece Puzzle Shape Announcement Magnets 20 Mil

Looking for more custom magnets that can be employed for Aids awareness events? Browse and shop at your pace and we are always by your side should you need any assistance or shopping tips. What are the AIDS-awareness events that you are planning to attend? Share your experiences with us.