Increase Your Business Turn Over With Custom Refrigerator Magnets

Custom refrigerator magnets will last longer and can carry the same information as your business cards at almost the same rate or even less. So, here are some interesting ways for you to utilize this ridiculously inexpensive and long lasting marketing item that will be retained and seen for ages!

Increase Your Business Turn Over With Custom Refrigerator Magnets

Custom magnets not just introduce your brand to new customers like business cards. It has an overwhelming role to play in enhancing the brand exposure and driving repeat business. To get your message stand out in the crowded marketing world you may need something extra ordinary. Custom fridge magnets are budget friendly handouts that ensure long term brand promotion and replicate impressions without any repeat investment or effort. Versatile and interesting, custom magnets can be easily distributed during tradeshows, mailer campaigns, stores or even during street corner promotional events.3.5x4.5 Personalized Picture Frame Rectangle Punch Magnets 20 Mil

Announce deals: Custom magnets can be imprinted with discount codes and discount deals to drive repeat business from your regular clients.

Get your message across: Custom refrigerator magnets can be imprinted with your brand and company information to turn them into promotional handouts during tradeshows and business events.  Make the most of the low cost advantage of magnets and set out on a free gifting spree without having to break your budget!

Promote contests and prize draw: Car magnets or refrigerator magnets will make a great way to promote fun contests and prize draw. It is a clever way to hand out your brand to maximum hands and stir up interest among new customers.

QR codes or discounts: Place a QR code or discount offer on magnets to inspire your clients to come back to your stores more often.

Referral gifts: Custom magnets can be used as referral gifts to run an incentive program and encourage customers to keep these reference magnets for long.

Save the date invitations: Magnets can be customized as invitations to fund raisers, product launches or special events

Imprint useful information: Imprint useful information like CPR tips or emergency numbers to inspire the clients to retain the magnets for a long time. By adding more value to these handouts you can ensure better retention and higher reference.

These are some of the many tips that can be employed to encourage your potential customers to retain their magnets. These full color magnets earn a strategic position on fridge doors and filing cabinets and remain right in the middle of your audience. Anyone who sees these trendy magnets will be tempted to know more about your brand and business for sure, which in turn will set off word of mouth publicity.

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