Different Types of Custom Magnets That Can Be Employed For Business Promotions

Looking for a sure fire promotional item or a handout to reward donors, or simply to get your message out in front of the public more often? Look no further than promotional magnets, which will win hands down as logo items that make your name stick in the minds of your recipients.

Business card magnets
Low in cost yet high in retention, custom magnets can be safely employed for business promotions. If you are looking for a logo item with the best staying power, check out these attractively colored and sleek business card magnets that will keep your contact information right in front of your customers. These business card magnets will never let you down for sure.2x3.5 Custom Bakery Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Shaped magnets
We at custommagnetsdirect have an impressive collection of shaped magnets that will pack a punch to your marketing campaign. All you need to do is choose a shape that conveys your business theme to shape up the business promotion the way you want.2.88x2.75 Custom Teddy Bear Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Custom magnets enjoy a tremendous promotional capacity as these create marketing billboards that stick! The generous imprint area of custom magnets will let you add a dramatic dimension to your promotions.

Calendar magnets
Larger magnets that are popular as calendars and sports schedules is another hot option to consider. These custom magnets that will stick around for the whole season make a fun item for sports season promotions of sports leagues, booster clubs and community events.3.5x4 Custom Announcement Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

As resource guide
Larger magnets can be imprinted with emergency numbers or other useful information that could be of use to them. Every time they see these logo magnets on their filing cabinets or machinery, they will be reminded of your logo and will be benefitted by the useful information that these magnets bear.

For sponsoring events
Do you wish to sponsor a local sports league or a marathon? Imprint your logo on these magnets along with the sports schedules to highlight your social commitment all through the event. The best thing is that these vibrantly colored and attractively customized magnets will make great keepsakes and souvenirs for the recipients.

Outdoor promotions
Large magnetic signs can be employed to promote your business outdoors and on the move. Stick it on to your service vehicles and see how these magnets double up as a moving billboard for your business when your team drives these from place to place. UV safe and long lasting, these durable magnets will add up to the identity of the vehicles as well, which will tempt everyone to add these custom magnets on to their cars and other vehicles. Every time they move around, your logo and message will also be put on a wide display.

Even better, outdoor car magnets are temporary as these can be removed from the metal surface without causing any damage and can be reused on a different vehicle or location. Now that you are planning to use custom magnets for logo promotion, give us a call should you need more tips.