Drive Up The Pace Of Your Promotions With Outdoor Car Magnets

Magnets are one of the oldest forms of advertising that date back to the commemorative election button magnets of 1789. It is interesting to note that custom magnets continue to be one of the most popular among the advertising products even today.5.5x8.25 Custom Car Sign Football Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

While outdoor advertising billboards can offer only a limited exposure due to its static nature, these dynamic and always on the move, outdoor car magnets can leave repeat brand impressions.

The effectiveness of outdoor magnets is due to the combined effect of various factors. Customized car magnets guarantee the undivided attention of the target audience and drives up your brand exposure manifold. Most advertising media leads to a publicity overdose where the customers get flooded with an information overflow that could make the message lost. However outdoor magnets offer precise brand information and place it right in front of your target audience for maximum effect. Thus even a small local brand placement will make your patrons remember your brand.

The five distinct advantages of car magnets include the following

  • Magnets are seen all the time
  • These draw the attention of everyone around
  • These make precise advertisements for your brand
  • Outdoor magnets help businesses to reach out to a mass audience

Outdoor magnets fare well during branding campaigns as the generous imprint area of these logo items will help the marketers to place their brand, artwork and message in style. These visually appealing magnets will serve as reminders of your products and services for a long time as these are designed to last long even in the harsh outdoor weather conditions. Easy to take off and put on, these logo magnets can be used in different vehicles to suit the promotional needs of the marketers. Outdoor magnets are great promotional options to promote restaurants, packers and movers, pet care and landscaping services among others. Every time your fleet of service or product delivery vehicles is driven around the city, your logo and message will grab the attention of everyone around.

Outdoor advertising has great diversity and offers immense possibilities to reach out to a large rotation of audiences. Custom magnets can be employed during any season or the time of the day and month irrespective of the weather conditions as these attractive magnets will never fail to work for your brand.

These budge friendly magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions and will ensure repeat brand exposure without any repeat investment or effort.

Outdoor magnets that have always been part of the daily lives of people will get your message out in the streets of the city easily. Nobody can pluck their eyes off these delightful and brightly colored magnets at the car doors and auto bumpers. Apart from adding a festive charm to the vehicles these magnets will display your brand in a subtle and fun manner without any obtrusive sales pitch.

Browse our listing of custom car magnets and pick up a model to add wheels to your campaign during the forthcoming holiday season. Also do share your branding experience using car magnets. We would love to hear your feedback.