What Makes Circle Magnets Unique Promotional Handouts

Circle magnets will never fail to grab the attention of your customers thanks to its unique shape. Great for marketing all types of businesses, these trendy custom magnets will stay easily on any metallic surface and will not leave behind any marks. Customize it with your logo, interesting quotes or artwork to make it interesting fridge art for your recipients. Every time they open their refrigerator doors to grab their food or snacks, your brand imprinted on these will grab their attention. The best part is that these circle magnets make handy hold up for their shopping reminders and lists as well.2x3.5 Custom Business Card Refrigerator Magnets 20 Mil

The low cost advantage make circle magnets a tradeshow staple and a popular mailer item that will sweep your customers off their feet in no time. Circle Magnets will make an interesting banter topic in homes and offices as nobody can help talking about these delightful logo items, which make attractive refrigerator magnets.

Circle Magnets will not just make your brand stand out but will also double up as impressive business card magnets for you to share your contact details with your customers as they will remember your brand every time they see your custom refrigerator magnets. These are great for handouts at concerts, promotional events and more.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind while using circle magnets in your business promotions.

Be unique: Customize these dainty magnets with colorful artwork, messages and slogans to stand out from the sea of magnets that fight for space on their fridge doors.

Readability: Too may gaudy colors and small imprints can all make these fridge-door magnets an eyesore. Make sure to keep the magnets trendy. If you are looking for the classic black and white combination, make sure to use black letters on white background for enhanced visibility and appeal.

Keep it clean: Too many images can leave your recipients confused and can dilute the effectiveness of your message. Keep it concise and to the point.

Use facts and numbers: Customers will be interested to gain accurate and useful information instead of lengthy texts.

Be customer centric: Instead of talking about your brand, convey what the customers will gain by associating themselves with your brand. Engage your audience with your brand with a friendly dialogue.

Catchy headlines: Reports show that people read headlines 8 times more often than the text itself. So, make the titles interesting and pack an element of mystery to retain the interest of the audience. The human eye follows a certain direction while seeing objects and it is from the left to the right and top to the bottom. So, your recipients will take note of the title before they even read the rest of the message.

We have circle magnets in all possible sizes. From the small 1.5” magnet buttons to the popular 3.5 inch and 4” circle magnets that fare well as refrigerator magnets to 8.5 inch circle outdoor magnets, there is something for everyone.

Circle magnets are born crowd pleasers that will surely appease everyone in your customer list. Shop from our collection and choose a model that suits your needs. Find it a bit overwhelming? Call us for tips and leave the rest to us.