How and where to use Custom Magnets for Business and Pleasure

If you thought custom magnets are simply an interesting way to decorate your fridge, you could be in for a surprise because imprinted magnets can be applied in many spheres of life including work, play and everything in between! Be it as custom gifts, business promotional items, employee appreciation gifts or magnetic signs and photoframes, there are limitless ways to use custom magnets in your life.

Magnets can be effectively used for business purposes and personal objectives as well. These can be used to promote your brand, decorate the house, keep your memories and special moments fresh and provide you with daily help.

Here are some great ways to use and personalize custom magnets.

Magnets make a high visibility advertising tool that most people cannot resist. Customize it with events, CPR tips, kitchen conversion units, emergency numbers or any other useful information along with your brand and contact details. Every time your recipients refer these magnets the more will their brand recall. These attractive full color magnets make a great fridge décor item as well that will add a pop of color to the surfaces and bring your brand identity alive.

Custom Refrigerator Magnets

The refrigerator doors will make a cool place to flaunt your collection of magnets and the recipients will love to have these personalized magnets because no one else will have the same. Photoframe magnets enjoy a prime spot in most homes as everyone loves to celebrate and remember the pleasant family moments. Every time your customers see these hugely popular family photos on these magnets, they will have a special reason to cheer for your brand. These magnets help to enliven the space and inspire your recipients every day.

3.5x4.5 Custom Photo Frame Apple Punch Magnets 20 Mil

Customize Magnets for Various Events

Magnets are available in countless models and sizes. These can be customized with announcements, events or family reunions. Car magnets will make yet another budget friendly way to spread your message to a wider audience on a budget. Car magnets can be attached and removed easily and can be reused many times to optimize the promotional potential of magnets.

2x2 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Fund raising items

Magnets can be used as fund raising items or a rewarding present for the donors. Magnets are ridiculously cheap, which makes it easy for non profits and charity organizations to sell them for a higher price, thereby raising revenue for their needs.

Save the date invites

Custom magnets make excellent save the date invitations that will leave your guests amused. Print your invitations on magnets and your guests would simply love to get these reminders about your event. These make a great way to pique interest of your customers and get your brand talked about more often.

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