How And Where To Use Custom Magnets

Custom magnets are cost effective and extremely popular handouts that can cut the ice with any audience. Popular and extremely affordable, magnets make promotional staples among marketers that will last a long time. Magnets occupy the heavy traffic areas and spots that enjoy a high visibility. Custom magnets ensure more exposure for your brand than a massive billboard by the highway that too at less than a fraction of its cost.

Most people love to stick attractive custom magnets on not just their fridge or car but also on filing cabinets, storage shelves and even the metal doors or tool boxes. These will not just add up to the personality of these bland spaces but also put your contact details right in front of your customers.

Here are some smart tips to make use of these custom magnets

For restaurants
A pizza shaped magnet or a menu card imprinted magnet will all make excellent fixtures on your refrigerator. These will not just grab the attention of the users but will make your logo familiar to them. You can even consider putting a few magnetic business cards in a fish bowl at the billing counter. Have a few regular customers on your list? Try sending out custom magnets during milestone celebrations like their birthdays or wedding anniversaries. This will not just add up to the brand popularity but also enhance your goodwill among your customers. Everytime your recipients wish to take a day off from cooking or have some unexpected guests, they know where to find your contact details!1.87x2.62 Custom Printed Pizza Slice Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Mailer campaigns
Sending newsletters and other communication is a great way to stay in touch with their customers for most businesses. Pack a surprise by adding a business card magnet or a shaped magnet that they will surely love to stick on their refrigerator doors or filing cabinets. We also have special envelopes for magnets. You can make custom magnets more interesting by adding discount coupons or loyalty deals that will tempt the recipients to check out your stores more frequently.6.75x3.75 Custom Envelope Plain White

Special deal promotions
Do you have special sales coming up soon? Look no further than these custom car magnets imprinted with all the special deal offers. Every time your recipients drive around, they will make moving billboards for your message. Magnets are low in cost yet high in visibility, which makes it the best way to get your message out.6x4 Custom Oval Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Fund raising events
Working for a cause or want to promote the local sports leagues? Check out these custom magnets that make excellent fund raising events. Choose from ribbon shaped awareness magnets or sports magnets to add a surprise element and see how easily these magnets will help you to drum up support and raise funds. Cheap as chips, these limited edition personalized magnets can be sold for a profit for the cause of organization3.5x2 Custom Awareness Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

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