How Custom Car And Van Magnets Bring ROI

If you are planning a budget promotion or you are a start-up company looking for a high visibility outdoor promotional campaign with assured ROI, look no further than custom car magnets. These ensure high brand awareness at easy rates and can be dispersed very easily, which makes them great options during mass promotional events like tradeshows and mailer campaigns.

Custom car magnets are one of the most effective forms of advertisements because these will ensure a high level of visibility at low rates. Classic advertisements like billboards can be highly costly yet not bring in as much response as you wish while low cost street marketing or a yellow page ad may be low cost advertisement options but these may not even be seen by your prospects! Vehicle magnets offer a better and more cost-effective way to advertise and increase your companies’ ROI because these can be used in all the vehicles in your fleet at different times to make the most of these outdoor magnets.

3.5x8 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Fundraising Items

Car magnets have evolved to be the favorite fundraiser items for most people because these are long lasting and useful. Vehicle magnets not only increase your business profits, but also raise team spirit and school spirit. The low cost advantage of car magnets makes it easy for non profits and schools to sell these car magnets for a higher price to raise funds for their cause. Your recipients will be pleased to buy these custom magnets to help you and to be part of the social cause while you hand out these cute and attention grabbing car magnets as a gesture of appreciation.

Reach Out To a Bigger Audience

Car magnets will enable you to get across your message to a wider and larger audience at the shortest possible time. Just stick these magnets to the cars or van doors and everytime your product vehicles drive around the city, your brand on these will get a lot of attention. Car magnets are particularly effective to enhance your community presence and execute a targeted promotion with precision. You can target the audience as per locality or age group for maximum effect.

The Best Way To Turn Heads!

A well designed car magnet will make a great way to make heads turn! These full color magnets will grab easy attention of everyone on road. Design your magnets with just the essential information like your contact details and artwork so that the customers will get a clear view of your information. The prospective customers will get only a few seconds to read your company name and tagline and by making it big and bold, they will find it easy to read and comprehend the message. Make it simple and attractive and choose a size that stands out from the vehicle surfaces to get the maximum attention.

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