How Custom Magnets Attract The Undivided Attention of Customers

Businesses are always on the lookout for some interesting ways and means to grab the attention of their customers. Printing and distributing tons of business cards and flyers to everyone you meet and wait for the orders to come in may not be the right way to go about it!

Customers have in general a short attention span. When they already have dozens of business cards from business owners like you, your average card may not be memorable enough on its own. Flyers and brochures get tossed out often and may not even get read. So, what is the next best option to make sure that your customers see your name each and every day and get inspired by the message?

Get spotted with promotional Magnets

Most paper based promotional materials including business cards get trashed easily. However, people are more likely to hold onto useful items like custom magnets. They will affix an interesting full color magnet to their fridge doors and filing cabinets and even if they don’t pay immediate attention to their message, they will surely take a closer look at the message in subsequent days.

Every time they open the fridge doors they will become more curious about your brand and the business line. They may even use these logo magnets to hold up their kids artwork, shopping lists and reminders, which means that they will be seeing the magnets more often from then on.

Your recipients will see your brand name dozens of times every single day, making it more likely that they will think of your name when they need your services.

Personalized Magnets Get a lot of attention

Personalize your magnets with your tagline, mascots or brand to make it one of its type. Magnetic business cards are easy to design as these need to carry only your essential contact details and web site url. However you can still  make it engaging by adding a sports schedule or calendar on to it that will bring your customers back to it more often.

3.5x2 Custom Business Card Magnets 20 Mil

Shaped magnets like a house shaped magnet will make your brand stand out from the crowd. Put on your creative caps to come up with a unique message that people will always remember. With countless options on offer, personalized magnets will never fail to grab your customers’ attention.

As mailer items

Planning to send a newsletter or business communication to your regular clients? Add a custom magnet to your correspondence to pack a surprise element and make the users tempted to open your mailers. Studies show that correspondence mails that carry magnets have a better chance to get opened and read.

Do you have more creative tips to use custom magnets in your marketing? Share your ideas with us at the comments section and join the conversation.