How Custom Magnets Build and Grow Your Brand Image

Businesses can reinforce their brand identity on a number of things right from business cards to billboards and more. However, custom magnets make an interesting substitute for all these conventional advertisement platforms.

Here are a few custom magnets that can build your brand image and grow your brand popularity at easy rates.

Attention Grabbing Business Card Magnets

Business card magnets stick easily on most metal surfaces like refrigerator doors or filing cabinets. There are even outdoor business card magnets that can be applied on cars and vehicles. Handing out business card magnets is often the best way to make your logo more popular and relevant. Customize these with not just your contact information, but taglines, jokes, artwork and infact anything that you wish to convey to your audience.  You can express a lot through magnetic marketing without being intrusive!

Business Card Magnets 55 Mil Outdoor Square Corners

Budget friendly Car Magnets

Get your message go that distance with custom car magnets. These full color magnets will ensure the ultimate visibility and portability for your message. Turn your business vehicles into rolling billboards with custom car magnets that will carry your message far and wide. Magnets pique quick interest and draw the attention of people even in busy streets. Make it interesting and compelling enough for the motorists to take a closer look and get your details noted down.

Car magnets make great fund raising items for non profits and awareness campaigns. The low sticker price of car magnets makes it easy for you to sell it at a higher price to raise funds and propagate your audience.  Everyone will be pleased to sport these striking magnets on their cars and to show their pride of being associated with this social cause.

Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil Square Corners

Car magnets get a lot of attention of the world outside and often make an interesting talking topic for anyone who sees it. Magnets also make interesting collectibles and  sports souvenirs  that will continue to work for your message for a longer time. These magnets can be removed and reapplied many times, which will enable businesses to express its message as many different ways they wish to. They can even use it on rotation on their vehicles in the fleet or even put it on personal vehicles during busy holiday promotional season and street marketing.  The versatility of car magnets indeed makes it a high value addition to the marketing mix of businesses.

Refrigerator magnets

Add a pop of color and character to the fridge doors and get your message among the family audience with these full color refrigerator magnets that are too good to resist. Choose from a wide range of interesting shapes and popular sizes to complement your brand theme and impress your audience.

Imprinted United States Shaped Magnets - 25 Mil

Your recipients will find these sturdy and cute magnets a handy place to pin up their reminders and kids artworks and every time they check on these, their affinity towards your brand will also go up. The best part is that since people frequently glance down these magnets without even realizing it, your message will reach people’s minds subconsciously. Next time they need your services, your brand will come to their mind instinctively.

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