How Custom Magnets Can Promote Your Gym or Yoga Studio


Fitness industry faces intense competition as there are thousands of gyms, personal trainers, yoga studios and other types of wellness centers throughout the country. With the pandemic, safety concerns getting eased up most of the gyms have reopened. So, it is time to think of some interesting strategies to impress the audience and boost memberships. Under the present conditions, marketing is more critical to the success of your business than ever.

Get spotted with custom car magnets

Car magnets will make a great way to spread the word about your fitness center at easy rates. Whether people are idling at a stoplight or moving in slow traffic, car magnets will get easy attention. Announce deals, create enthusiasm and boost memberships with these full color magnets that are made in the USA. Keep your message short and sweet with a power packed tagline to make heads turn.  Whoever happens to see these magnets will surely note down your contact details and get back to you as most people are planning to revamp their fitness schedules after a brief lull due to lockdown.

Yoga Magnetic Car Bumper Auto Vehicle Signs Magnets

Stand Out From the Crowd with Custom Refrigerator Magnets

 Fitness industry is expected to register a robust growth in 2020. So, make your club stand out in the competition by handing out custom refrigerator magnets. It makes a smart and budget friendly way to highlight the uniqueness and identity of your business. Tell your audience about the different classes you offer, state of the art equipment you have or personal trainer facilities you may have  through these attractive magnets. Your message imprinted on these high visibility handouts will remain front and center of your audience all day. The low cost benefit will give you the added advantage of using it lavishly in all types of business promotions like mailer campaigns and in-house promotions

Heart Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Stay In Plain View With Calendar Magnets

Remind your audience about the special fitness workshops, nutritionist visits and other special events you may be planning by getting it imprinted on these handy custom calendar magnets. Your recipients will get the best of both the worlds of a complete yearly calendar plus a reminder of your special services and offers.

5.25x3.75 Custom Magnetic Fridge Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Share Your Contact Details with Business Card Magnets

Most people choose fitness centers through referrals from friends and their family members. These full color business card magnets that occupy strategic spots on refrigerators or filing cabinets of your existing members will make a great way to drive new leads.  You can even stick these on the locker doors of your fitness centers, to engage the new members.

2x3.5 Custom Business Card Magnets

How do you plan to use custom magnets to promote your yoga club or gym? Tell us about it all and more on our facebook page.

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