How Custom Magnets will Increase Your Brand Visibility and Bring in Leads

Custom magnets have become veritable items in the marketing mix of businesses these days thanks to its incredible popularity and branding potential. Custom magnets are available in a range of models and sizes. Here are some of the interesting models that can be considered.

Business Card Magnets Are A Rage

Business card magnets have become popular in tradeshows as these will never fail to make its way on to refrigerator doors, office cubicles and many other magnetic surfaces, which in turn will ensure that they will be seen and referenced when needed. Business card magnets also double pull as a handy hold up to keep shopping lists or kids’ artwork for most people, which makes it a welcome accessory at home and at work. Every time your recipients open the fridge doors or refer the shopping lists under these magnets, they will be reminded of your brand. Reports show that on an average, a refrigerator door gets opened over 20 times a day. So, you can imagine the exposure that your brand will get on these custom magnets.

2x3.5 Custom Resort Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Shaped Magnets Will Add A Fun Twist To Your Promotions

Choose shapes that are complimentary to your business for added impact. A dentist can offer patients a tooth shaped custom magnet along with the mailers or checkup reminder notice; likewise a dog shaped magnet will make a trusted companion while undertaking the promotion of a kennel club or a dog grooming center. Shapes get registered in brain of the onlookers more easily than text, which means that you can convey your message without even speaking a word with shaped magnets.

2.25x3.12 Custom Printed Balloon Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Die cut magnets that can be made to any shape ensure countless options. Shaped magnets make a smart and eye catching way to ensure maximum attention for your brand. Let your creative juices flow as these logo items can be easily customized with artwork, taglines and message to pack a punch to your campaign.

Custom Magnets With Functional Features Are More Popular

While shape is an important factor while choosing custom magnets, adding more functional features like calendars will enhance the usefulness for your custom magnets. Including a calendar will increase the likelihood for a potential customer to use your magnet regularly and see it on a daily basis. You can also imprint helpful tips or reference data like emergency numbers to enhance the functionality of custom magnets.

Sports schedule magnets is probably the most popular among custom gifts as it will literally take your brand right into the sport loving audience. Put your brand and message on these and with just a bit of creativity, your custom magnets can become part of your bigger marketing plan. There is an exciting range of custom magnets in all possible models and price points. Choose something that matches your needs and derive maximum marketing advantage at minimum investment.

Custom magnets will popularize your brand and will set off word of mouth publicity and enhance your brand recall. Have you been using custom magnets as promotional items? Share your experiences with us at our facebook page.