How Custom Magnets Will Make Excellent Mailer Items

Mailer campaigns are smart options to promote your holiday offers and Memorial Day special deals among others. It is the best way to reach out to your existing customers in the shortest possible time. Consider giving a new twist to this time tested mailer campaign by slipping in a custom magnet into the envelopes. Imprint it with your brand and message, coupon codes, surprise gift question and more to engage your customers with your brand. Have you lost contact with some of your regular customers? Is it a long time since you saw some regular faces in your stores? May be you need an innovative marketing method to reconnect and add a spark to your customer relations.

Keeping in touch with the existing clientele is the best way to stay ahead of the competition and to prevent your customers from straying off. An attractively customized magnet will make a great talking topic and a delightful fridge décor item for your recipients that could even double pull as a handy hold up for your grocery lists or daily reminders. Put your brand and message on these custom magnets and spread the word about your products and services. When your customers get these pretty magnets delivered in their letter box, the beauty and the personal touch of this gesture goes up manifold. In the modern world of emails and online communication, the old fashioned snail mails will always stand apart for its nostalgic charm and simplicity. Your recipients will indeed be surprised by the personal touch of mailers and will love to retain these magnets for a long time for sure.

Many people see it many times!

Custom magnets that get delivered in mailers are not seen only by the addressee but also their friends, family and all those guests who happen to see these full color personalized magnets that gaze down at them from the refrigerator doors. These will also make a great talking topic among both kids and kids at heart alike. You will be really impressed at the whirl wind speed with which your message gets circulated without you having to put in any repeat effort or investment. The more the people see your message, the more will be your brand recall.

Reports show that people gets familiar with the brand displayed on an item when they see these atleast 8 times. People go to the refrigerator a minimum of 20 times a day and your employees glance at the bulletin board countless times at work, which means that your brand on a custom magnet gets easily engraved in the minds of your recipients.

Magnets are not just for mailing to existing and new clients, but make a great way to introduce new products, announce grand opening, relocation and special offers. Just think creative to make the most of these custom magnets.

To help you get started, we have listed a few custom magnets that can be considered for your mailer campaigns

Business Card Magnets: It is not just an ordinary business card but an attractive fridge magnet that your users will retain for a long time!

2x3.5 Custom Resort Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Magnet Clips: Offered in a range of shapes and colors, magnetic clips are something that everyone needs in their daily lives to keep all those papers and reminders safely organized. Your brand on this will never be overlooked for sure!

Custom Power Super Star Shaped Magnetic Clips

Shaped magnets: Choose a magnet shape that complements your business theme and get your customers subtly reminded! For instance, car shaped magnets for auto stores or pill shaped magnets for health care centers will all make great choices.

3.12x1.45 Custom Gas Truck Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Calendar Magnets: Most people cannot survive without calendars and that’s what makes these custom magnets quite popular. Go for it!

3.5x4 Custom Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

We have a lot more in stock; browse and shop for the most appropriate magnets for your upcoming mailer campaigns and ensure consistent impressions.

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