Custom Travel Magnets – Make Your Brand The Holiday Travel Partner Of Your Recipients

Summer season, Memorial Day weekend, school vacation and more- the well anticipated holiday season is here! For most people, travel plans reign high in their mind during this time of the year. For businesses, holiday season will make a great time to promote their brands and that is what makes these custom travel magnets a great choice to consider. Cost effective, long lasting and highly appealing to everyone, custom travel magnets will put your brand and message right in front of your recipients for a long time. A customized magnet is not just a useful object but a token of your appreciation and a special gift that will bring back memories of a special occasion for years to come.

Here are some delightful custom travel magnets to consider for promoting various businesses.

Beach travel magnets

If you are a beach event planner, a beach resort or beach leisure activity provider, these custom beach travel magnets will make a great choice to get across your message. Personalize these with your taglines, holiday offers or images and see how these magnets will stir up a lot of interest among anyone who sees it. Choose from various sizes and models. Travel Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners will be a good choice.The rounded edges give better adherence, full color imprinting makes it easier to attract audience and glossy finish will lend great impact to your business messages. If you are looking for something sleek and straight, these square corner travel magnets will be a good choice. Light weight and highly purposeful – these magnets make a great gifting choice throughout the year.2x3.5 Custom Cruise Ship Shaped Beach Travel Magnets 20 Mil

Cruise Ship Shaped Beach Travel Magnets 20 Mil is another perfect promotional choice for beach travel services. The unique shape of these magnets will grab easy attention and will put your message on wide display. These will make perfect handouts to promote cruise holidays, shipping companies and more.

Beach accommodation magnets

Staying in a cozy beach resort makes a perfect summer holiday equation for most people. Brace up for a busy summer season promotion by handing out these attractive custom beach accommodation magnets. Choose from a range of models including round corner, square corner and save the date beach accommodation magnets among many others. If you are looking for something quirky, these beach shaped beach accommodation magnets 20 mil will make a great gift choice for your guests. Imprint your special deals and accommodation offers on the generous imprint area in full color and see how these imprinted gifts will woo all the beach lovers to your beach accommodation in no time.

3x3 Custom Beach Shaped Beach Accommodation Magnets 20 Mil

Though custom magnets are simple and inexpensive handouts, these can turn into something really priceless by personalizing with your words and adding a special meaning to these handouts. Custom travel magnets are great choices to promote all types of businesses and not necessarily just travel and leisure companies because holiday travel is something that turns on everyone. With the advent of low cost airlines and more liquid cash in hand, people are leaving nothing to chance in planning their holidays. A creatively customized travel magnet will make a great collectible for the wanderlusts as well. So, if you wish to celebrate the holiday travel time during your brand promotions, look no further than these promotional travel magnets.

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