How Logo Magnets Make Your Brand Reminders

Promotional magnets will benefit your business in many ways. Firstly, magnets ensure consistent brand promotions for a long time.

Budget friendly and easy to customize, custom magnets are well cut for mass events and every genre of promotions. Available in a wide range of attractive shapes and popular sizes, these premium quality magnets will never stop working for your business. Moreover, custom magnets  can be used  to promote every genre of business right from food to fashion and fun.

Here are some popular promotional magnets that will definitely enhance your marketing strategy.

Car magnets

Vehicle magnets can be customized to spread the word. Further , it will engage people on the streets with your message in a fun way. It is especially ideal for gardening services, food delivery services and more. Think of creative taglines, quotes or artwork to make these full color magnets complement your business theme. 

Whether you need to boost branding or promote upcoming events,  car magnets will indeed be a perfect choice. These attractive magnets are hard to ignore yet extremely budget –friendly, and will help you to get the much-needed attention for your campaigns.

Notepad magnets

Available in different sizes, note pad magnets bring together the dual convenience of a notepad and a magnet alike. Your recipients will surely find it useful to make quick notes and reminders. These high utility handouts will thus enjoy a strategic display on fridge doors and filing cabinets, while your message gets a prominent display.

Save the date magnets

Save the date magnets will easily remind your clients and employees of your event. Ideal for milestone events, product launch  and more, these full color magnets can be customized the way you fancy. The best part is that even after the event, these will remain as fridge décor items and souvenirs.

Calendar magnets

Calendar magnets are obviously the best way for your recipients to have a look at the year-long calendar in a single glance; while you display your message effectively in front of them. Businesses can get 365 days of brand promotion at one time investment. In addition, your recipients will make an emotional connection with your message when you hand out these high visibility magnets that remain in their plain sight.

Sports schedule magnets

Make your brand part of the sports season by  handing out these full color sports schedule magnets. Moreover, you can choose from various sporting events like soccer, hockey or auto racing to suit the tastes of your prospects. 

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