How Promotional Magnets Can Get People Into Your Flower Shop

Spring season is all about fresh blooms, flower beds bursting in a riot of colors and fresh green grass all around. Undeniably it is one of the best seasons to promote landscapers and florists as well. You can get more people to your shops with some creative ideas using promotional magnets.

How Promotional Magnets Can Get People Into Your Flower Shop

  1. Stay connected with Existing Flower Shop Customers
    Low in cost yet high in visibility, Florist Business Card Magnets are a delightful way to keep your existing customers in the loop. If you make sure that your customers remain happy with your services, you are rest assured of referrals and word of mouth publicity. You can make your long time customers feel special with hand written thank you notes or special sales before it’s announced to the general public.2x3.5 Custom Florist Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners
  2. Window display
    Make sure that your window display is appealing by getting the special displays arranged in style during the busiest time of the week to attract the attention of more customers. Hand out discount coupons along with your business card magnets to get them back to your stores more often. Put up a sidewalk signage or some flower buckets to make the passersby pause and take note of your shop and they will surely be tempted to check out what is inside the shop.

Put calendar magnets outside your shop window to announce special deals and free gift offers to celebrate milestones. This will generate a lot of surprise for your customers.

Free gifts: Free handouts like refrigerator magnets will go a long way in keeping your brand right in front of your customers. You can even use custom magnets to announce new products or special deals to promote new items. Have a raffle draw to engage more customers with your brand. Free giveaways are the best way to invoke interest in the minds of your customers.

Pick any event day like March 3rd “I want you to be happy” day and promote it by handing out free gifts or floral bouquets with your business cards and see how your sales pick up. You can even use save the date magnets to announce exclusive offers that can only be redeemed in your stores.

3.5x4 Custom Save the Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil

Keep in touch : Always ask for your customers’ emails from orders and send newsletters, end of the year gifts and new product line updates and a sign-up sheet. Stay in touch by sending out regular updates about new product lines, company news and events and put your brand in front of their eyes.

Connect with the local community: Invite local scout groups for a tour to your shop and talk about how flowers can uplift the mood of people and give a goodie gift bag when they leave, along with your business cards.

There are many delightful ways to bring in more walk-in traffic and the most important way is to make a personal relationship by way of excellent services and freebies. Browse our complete line of custom magnets that will make excellent mailer gifts, business cards and refrigerator art all at once. Happy shopping!