How Promotional Magnets Make Your Brand Mascots

Wish to have a face for your brand? A fun profile that your audience will find perfect to relate to ? or may be an irresistible handout that will grab all those eyeballs and pique easy attention? Custom magnets offer all these and more. If you are looking for a promotional  handout that is easily packed, doesn’t weigh much and above all something everyone will be keen getting a few of, then look no further than custom magnets.

Every time your prospects see these fun, full color custom magnets on their fridge doors as they eat bacon and eggs and take note of their reminders held under these, your brand familiarity goes up by a notch! Extremely useful and interesting, magnets are something that everyone will need. Anyone will love to have more of these. Put together a good design, a punch line or an artwork and you are ready to steal the show.

Refrigerator magnets

Refrigerator magnets will add a pop of color to the plain refrigerator doors and make it more interesting. While the marketers get a great promo item that their prospects will look at for a minimum of 12 months. Your message imprinted on these will remain front and center for a very long time, and at very attractive rates. The big plus- Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions. Once you buy it, magnets never cease to work for your brand and make consistent impressions all its shelf life. Nobody will discard magnets; these will only be moved to bigger and better fridge doors!

Save the Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil

Calendar magnets

Calendar magnets not just tell you about the day and date but double up as an effective marketing tool as well. A person opens their fridge more than 15 times a day on an average and your calendar magnet will get viewed at least 5500 times on a yearly basis. So can there be a better way to highlight its marketing potential. Calendar Magnets make one of the cheapest forms of marketing today and that’s not an exaggeration!

 Calendar Magnets Square Corners

Business card magnets

Business cards are part of an introduction and make the best first impressions. An attractive business card magnet with all the relevant contact information can capture the attention of your prospect and help you remain in their memory for a long time after your initial meeting. Next time when they need your products, they know where to look!

Hotel Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Photo frame magnet

Business promotional can be fun, interactive and personal with picture frame magnets. Your prospects will have a special reason to remember your brand and message. Every time they take a look at their family snaps and special memories, their eyes are locked on your brand! Have your logo stick around in people’s minds and their fridge with the help of these budget friendly handouts that are easy to mail and distribute as well.

Heart Picture Frame Awareness Magnets 25 Mil

Imprinted magnets are available in a range of styles, sizes and colors. Browse along and choose a model that matches your theme and budget.