How Themed wedding magnets can make your big day truly unique?

Gone are the days when weddings were exclusively held in solemn church settings with soft music and subtle decor around. Today, wedding planners offer a multitude of themed wedding options for the couples to make their special day truly unique and memorable. The best thing is that couples can even opt for themed wedding invitations to match the trend.

So, if you are fancying a themed wedding, here are some popular themed wedding and save the date magnets for you to choose.

3.12x1.43 Truck Shape Full Color Magnet

Animal Theme Wedding Magnets:

Bring in the raw beauty of the wild and its animals with these spectacular animal theme wedding magnets. If the bride and the groom happen to be wild life photographers or adventure tour enthusiasts, a wild life theme wedding will be a delightful though quirky option to consider. If you wish to make the call of the wild your wedding theme, browse through our full range of animal themed magnets. Save the date magnets in animal prints will set the mood for an African safari, zoo themed and wildlife themed wedding. People will literally fall in love with these exotic themed wedding invitations that they are sure to retain over their refrigerator doors for a long time!

Cultures Theme Wedding Magnets:

Culture theme wedding magnets are perfect ideas to subtly showcase your culture and ancestry on your wedding occasion. If you fancy a wedding event heavily loaded with traditional colors, charm and culture, these wedding magnets will be a perfect choice. These full color wedding save the date magnets are not just crowd pleasers but also will create the perfect mood for the occasion.

2.25x2.87 Ice Cream Cone Shape Magnet

Destination Theme Wedding Magnets:

Destination weddings have become a rage among the young and the young at heart couples alike. Many couples dare to think beyond their backyard destinations and old fashioned traditional wedding themes by planning a wedding in an exotic location. Destination theme wedding magnets make a delightful note to make your formal announcement of the big day. Destination weddings ensure a fresh experience for not just the couple but also for the guests as they transcend the barriers of time and distance. These save the date magnets serve as polite reminders for the guests to keep their dates free and make their travel arrangements to ensure maximum participation.

Flowers Theme Wedding Magnets:

Flowers and their bright colors and soft scents have always been associated with weddings since time immemorial. Be it a church wedding or a modern funky style wedding, no wedding can be complete without flowers. If you are besotted with the subtle charm of flowers, you can even go for an exclusive floral theme wedding. Place your wedding day events around your favorite flowers and see how a magical themed wedding unfolds! Flowers theme wedding magnets make perfect options to announce any floral themed wedding and the enviable charm of these printed magnets will surely lead them on to the refrigerator doors of all your guests! These personalized magnets with awe inspiring floral themes will surely inspire the recipients to be there on the D- day.

Now that you have decided to have a themed wedding, you cannot afford to ignore the themed save the date magnets. Ensure that all your guests whom you have invited turn up for your wedding by just sending out these delightful save the date magnets that will continue to inspire and encourage them to make it to the wedding!