Engage your customers with distinctive shaped Promotional magnets

Promotional magnets have always been creating ripples in marketing circuits for their ridiculously low prices and high visibility, which make them trusted tools in any budget marketer’s arsenal. The refrigerator is one of the most frequently used appliances in any house. People open their fridge doors many times every day to replenish the stocks and to grab food and drinks. Some even do so for no specific reason. Guess why? The kids within them will tempt to search for those goodies and ice cream that might have long been over! But, every time the fridge door goes ajar, these logo imprinted magnets get their eyeballs and your brand will get reinforced in their minds.

3.12x1.43 Truck Shape Full Color Magnet

Most people love to deck up their single color plain refrigerator doors with colorful magnets, family portraits or kid’s drawings. Promotional magnets never go unnoticed because of their colorful and attractive designs and shapes. Business owners who want to ensure maximum attention of their logo imprinted magnets can consider magnets of unconventional shapes and sizes.

Here are some promotional magnet models that will never fail to connect with your customers with their good looks. Here we go!

Animal shaped magnets: This section at CustomMagnetsDirect.com is choke a block with some adorable animal shaped magnets that will tug the hearts of everyone. Choose from a range of animals shapes including pig, cow, butterfly, bird, elephant, donkey, rabbit and turtle among others or the ever popular dog shaped magnets or bear shaped magnets. We bet, your customers will never get over the temptation of these delightfully shaped magnets.

2.25x2.87 Ice Cream Cone Shape Magnet

Food shaped magnets :The mere mention of food items is all it takes to grab the attention of any customer especially if they are craving for a grub. Our exhaustive selection of food shaped magnets includes some of the most tempting and lipsmacking food items that not many people can resist. From cheese shaped magnets to those shaped like pizza, ice cream, bread or cupcake, these printed magnets are perfect options to promote food stores, pizzerias, bakers and juice stands among others. The best part is that customers will instantly recognize your food business the moment they are handed out these magnets and will never forget the logo and name imprinted on these as they know that hunger pangs can hit them anytime, anywhere!

Custom Car & Van Vehicle Shaped Magnets: Custom vehicle shaped magnets are perfect to drive home your business message successfully as these magnets will never fail to turn a few heads with their curious shapes. Vehicle magnets are offered in the shapes of a garbage truck to a sports car to school buses to vans, and you can have your pick according to your personal and niche preferences. If want to reach out to a young audience or clients who travel regularly, these magnets will make good options.

Promotional fridge or car magnets win hands down for their attractive looks and functional features and when you opt for curiously shaped magnets, your logo will have a greater scope of getting picked up by the onlookers. Stay ahead of the crowd with these unique shaped magnets and see how your logo on them go places!