How to Design  Crowd Pleasing Custom Refrigerator Magnets?

Old school branding like imprinted magnets are a rage even in this digital world! Custom magnets play a vital role in building recognition, and trust for your business among your audience. Whether you are a start up or an established business, custom fridge magnets make a wonderful addition to  your marketing mix.

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Still on fence? Spare a moment to discover the branding power of  custom refrigerator magnets. Most homes and offices have a fridge or two and most people visit the fridge many times a day to take out or put back supplies and fetch their snacks and beverages. Thus refrigerator doors double up as premium real estate for branding.  Having an eye-catching business magnet on as many household fridges as possible can turn the tides of businesses in their favor as it will enhance the brand familiarity among  their target audience and set off word of mouth publicity.

Fridge magnets are more effective than most other marketing tools like brochures and leaflets. Firstly these full color magnets will have your business name and contact number right in front of the audience whenever they need it. Unlike a business card it won’t be misplaced or damaged.

How best can you utilize the potential of fridge magnets for your business promotions?

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Custom Shapes

The best thing about refrigerator magnets is its affordability and popularity.  Just choose a magnet shape that aligns with your business, customize it with a great design and you are all set to hit the mark.

Simplicity is the key

The golden rule of making your custom fridge magnets popular is to keep your message clear and simple. Make sure to include only the essential details about your business that your recipients may find useful. Including too much information will leave the recipients distracted and take their attention off your core promotional message. Adopt a simple, minimalist yet interesting design to grab the attention of your audience.

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Customization tips

The text and the font should be large enough to be visible from a distance and should be easy to read and decipher. Avoid fancy fonts and multiple color imprints to make it soothing for the eyes of the recipients. Ideally the fonts should be bold and centrally positioned. A light colored font on a dark background is generally the best way to go as it will enhance visibility and make your message stand out nicely.

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Avoid fancy borders  as it could steal the center stage, pushing your message into a pale oblivion. Ideally the message and logo should be the center of attraction. To make it easy for your recipients to remember the most important details, choose an elegant artwork that wont overwhelm your business name.

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