How to Make Custom Car Magnets Work for Your Business

Make leads on wheels with these factory direct car magnets made in USA and leave a lasting impression.

No matter whether your vehicle is moving, stuck in the traffic or parked, these custom magnets will continue to work for your brand nonstop. Car magnets are specifically designed for outdoor usage and can withstand weather elements with ease. These magnets have atleast 30 mil thickness to ensure adequate strength and stability on the moving vehicles. As car magnets are available in various sizes and you can easily pick up an appropriate size according to the area of the vehicle. Keep in mind that you can use only the flattest area available on the vehicle.

Ideal for Short-Term Advertising

Car magnets are easy to apply, remove and reposition and are best suitable as  temporary signage. It is a cost effective method for advertising because you can get your message across to everyone on the streets by simply driving around. Imagine, the valuable impressions that your brand will make every time your business vehicles sporting these full color magnets hit the road!

Round corner magnets are more aerodynamic and capable of staying firm on the car surface without flying off.  Get your logo and artwork imprinted in full color on these car magnets to make it visible even from a distance. Keep text to a minimum and add a compelling artwork on the magnets to make it attention grabbing even when the vehicle is moving.

Shaped Custom Car Magnets

Let your imagination soar with these shaped custom car magnets. Choose a shape that will align with your  product or services to make it easy for the prospects to  understand it easily. For instance, a school bus shaped vehicle magnet will make a powerful promotional tool for schools and to enhance their back to school events.

Car magnets, in particular are useful for businesses with a local presence to reach out to their target audience and make them familiar with their brand. Any business niche like property management services, landscaping agencies, car cleaning services and movers and packers can all utilize the popularity of car magnets to add wheels to their outdoor promotions.


Car magnets offer ample flexibility to optimize their outdoor promotions. They can use it on different vehicles in their fleet by turn to enhance their brand visibility.  It can even be used on personal vehicles during the peak holiday season outdoor publicity as it can be taken back anytime to get the personal vehicles back for personal use.

If you want to know more about custom car magnets, watch our daily blog posts or contact our friendly team to get on top of the trends.

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