Custom Magnets- Cheap and Best Advertisements That Never Fail

Get the best results for the advertising dollar you will ever spend with custom magnets.

Offered in a wide range of models, colors and shapes, printed magnets make a fun way to spread the word and engage the audience with your message. Custom magnets are available in various models, shapes and price points for both indoor and outdoor use.

Refrigerator magnets

Custom refrigerator magnets will attract more customers, motivate them to buy and above all  guarantee that your brand will be seen an average of 12 times per day or more! Plus, refrigerator magnets often make an interesting talking topic among the family audience and their guests and friends. Choose magnets in curious shapes and colors to grab easy attention of your prospects and make it stand out from the fridge doors.

Here are some popular fridge magnets that your recipients will  fall in love at first sight.

Business card magnets

Less likely to be discarded by your customer, business card magnets make tangible brand reminders of your brand on the home fridge or office filing cabinet of your clients – for easy reference. It will also double up as a handy place for them to hold up their reminders and shopping lists. So, every time they check on these reminders or open the fridge doors to get snacks, your logo is what grabs their attention first! It is these consistent impressions that will work in your brand’s favor to make it more interesting.

Shaped magnets- achieve a point of difference

Choose shaped magnets that complement your product line or services to make it easy for the clients to identify your brand  at a glance. For instance, a pizza shaped magnet is the best way to spread the word of your pizzeria while house shaped magnets are must have marketing tools for any realtor. 

Offered in limitless shapes, you can easily choose a shape that does justice to your business. You can even choose die cut magnets that can be made into any unique shape that you wish to leave a lasting impact. These fridge magnets are proven to gain immediate attention from prospective customers.

Notepad magnets

Enhance the utility by adding a notepad while doubling up your brand exposure with these value added models like magnetic notepads. Everyone will love to have a notepad that sticks to their fridge doors to make notes, doodle or reminders. The best part is that notepads can be replaced after the pages have been used to ensure an extended brand promotion for your logo imprinted on the magnets. These magnets stay for the life of the fridge.

 Looking for more? Browse our complete line of custom magnets to choose a model that you will find interesting.

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