How To Make Your Business Magnets The Best In Town

Coming up with an interesting and interactive promotional magnet is easier said than done! There’s a lot that goes into designing the perfect magnet for promotional purposes. Here are some tips worth considering

Add a Useful Element to Your Custom Magnets

Your custom magnets should ideally feature something more than your company’s logo if you want to offer more value to your potential customers. Add something useful like a calendar, CPR tips, an interest rate calculator, or something that is relevant to your industry. Make sure to add more value to your custom magnets so that your recipients will want to display it for a long time.

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Make Your Logo Stand out

The logo is the face of your business and the best way to identify your business. So, make sure to keep your logo predominantly placed on a custom magnet, without being overwhelming. Try to strike a balance between value of your logo and the scope of promotion.

Custom magnets can double duty as Business Cards

Custom refrigerator magnets make their way to the fridge doors where they remain for a long time. Thus, these custom magnets can make a smart substitute to your paper business card that could get tossed away or lost easily.

Magnets are fun item that people will not discard. By handing out a magnet, your name and contact information will stay in plain view of your potential clients’  while the competitors paper business cards might be stashed away in some file gathering dust on the racks! When your contact information is instantly accessible, your prospects will reach out to you when they need instead of ransacking their countless business card folders!

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Use Large -Sized Magnets

Make sure that the magnets you choose are strong enough to hold the shopping lists or the artwork that your recipients will keep attached underneath these. If you’ve ever tried to use a magnet to hold up a document, you know how important it is to have a strong promotional magnet.

The magnets should ideally have a generous imprint space for you to place your logo and artwork to engage the audience. Full color imprints, spicy taglines, fun quotes- think of something that sums up your brand identity and creates a buzz.

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Send Your Promotional Magnets in the Mail

Magnets make great mailer items that will add value to your promotional mails. Your recipients will indeed be curious to find the mailer item inside the envelope and will definitely open the envelopes and when they find a magnet, they will be pleased for sure.

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