Imprinted Magnets Ensure The Ultimate Marketing Success For Nonprofits

Custom magnets are simple and effective ways to drive fund raising efforts and to attract more donors to your cause. Let us take a look at how magnets make perfect fund raising items

Magnets can Enhance Awareness

Custom postcard magnets will make a smart choice to make your social cause popular and to get more donations. These postcards will get your message out during mailer campaigns to a large audience or even a whole neighborhood, thereby giving the much desired publicity for your cause. 8.5×5.25 Peel Postcard with 3.5×4 Custom Magnets will make a great gift choice to consider. The postcard can be used to convey your story to your audience while the attached custom magnets will serve as a constant reminder of your social commitment in future. These light weight magnetic postcards are well suited for mailer campaigns and direct handouts.

8.5x5.25 Peel Postcard with 3.5x4 Custom Magnets

10.5×5.5 Postcard with 3.5×2 Custom Business Card Magnets These can be used for making announcements and spreading business messages while the custom business card magnets attached to the postcard offers plenty of space for displaying business information. These will stay safe on filing cabinets and fridge doors and will remind your recipients about walk-a-thons, community events and school fundraisers that are more likely to be forgotten.

10.5x5.5 Postcard with 3.5x2 Custom Business Card Magnets

Magnets enjoy a high Retention

Reports show that as much as 75% of new donors leave. Promotional magnets will serve as long lasting reminders of your cause and will keep the donors in your loop. You can choose from any popular well retained custom magnets like Business Card Magnets or shaped magnets to stay unforgettable in a budget friendly manner. The success of non-profits lies in the amount of donor support that they get. Most non profits close down within the first two years of inception for want of funds. Custom magnets will keep the channels of funding open to give your social cause the support it deserves.

Say Thank you to the donors

Making the donors feel special and well appreciated will go a long way in retaining donors. Stay in touch and share updates with your donors using custom magnets that make wonderful thank you gifts as well. Every time your recipients see these logo magnets they will be encouraged to share their feedback and come back to you with more support.

Choose from highly functional custom magnets like photo frame magnets that showcase their special memories and family moments. Magnetic Bookmarks will make another great handout as these will put your brand on wide display as the recipients flip their pages. Long lasting and well retained, custom magnets will remind your donors about your brand and message consistently.

Custom magnets like car magnets will give more mileage to your cause and will allow the donors to highlight their support for the cause. Every time someone sees these highly impressive custom magnets, they will be encouraged to be part of the cause.

Are you planning to use custom magnets for fundraising any time soon? Share your ideas with us at the comments section to let people know how effective these can be in promoting non profits.