Imprinted Magnets Make High Visibility Promotional Giveaways

Custom magnets will make a great way to attract, excite and reward your audience and to enhance their brand loyalty in a subtle way. The free gifts that you choose should ideally be something with plenty of use and meaning. A business that hands out custom gifts will always have a special place in the minds of the consumers. No matter whether you use it is store promotional items, tradeshow swag or mailer gifts, custom gifts will go a long way in leaving the much desired personal touch to your promotions. While the customers can take home a free product or two, your company can boost your business leads, sales, and overall monetary profit.

2.25x2.31 Custom Dog Shape Animal Clinic Magnets 20 Mil

Custom magnets have always been an item to reckon with because of the incredible popularity that imprinted magnets enjoy among every genre of audience. Well suited for both home, office and cars, custom magnets make high visibility billboards for all types of high traffic areas. Customize it with your brand and message to turn custom magnets into your promotional billboard and show what your company has to offer.

Why custom magnets

The benefits of using custom magnets are endless. Here are a few


On an average a fridge door gets opened atleast 11 times a day, which means that your message and brand on these will get a very high level of exposure. With such a high level of visibility it is quite unlikely that your business name can slip someone’s mind! Full color magnets make great talking topics and will create new leads and repeat customers as well. Customers will find these magnets a handy way to hold up their shopping lists and reminders as well.


Custom gifts that are not so heavy or flashy are ideal giveaways because these are easy to distribute and carry around.  The light weight feature of magnets will make it easy to distribute by mailers as well. Magnets may be simple but they have plenty of purpose, which makes them popular among  consumers.

Generous imprint area

Custom magnets have a massive imprint area that can be imprinted with your company’s name, website, and other contact information. Offered in a range of shapes and models, it is never too hard to find a custom magnet that matches your needs. For instance if you are a dog grooming center, these dog shaped magnets will make the best choice as they will convey your message quite effectively. House shaped magnets are great options to promote realtor services and mortgage services. The well recognized shape of these magnets will get across your message with a high precision.

Eye catching

The best giveaways are those that grab easy attention of the customers and retain their attention for a long time even after the event. To make the best of your company’s promotional items, be sure to offer items that customers can take home easily.

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