Promotional Car Magnets: An Offline Marketing Strategy That Never Fails!

Even in the digital age of email marketing and social media promotions, custom gifts continue to be one of the tried and tested way to boost brand image and promote businesses on a budget.  As per conservative estimates of the year 2015 there were 263.6 million cars on the US roads. So, it is a no brainer why custom car magnets make a highly popular promotional item among marketers.

3x3 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Square Corners

Choosing promotional merchandise that is guaranteed to be popular among this audience could not be simpler. Custom car magnets will ensure a very high level of brand visibility and portability for businesses and make a cost effective way to get across your message on a regular basis. We have an extensive selection of custom outdoor car magnets that will enhance your brand recall quite easily.

Drive your brand forward with promotional car magnets that are especially well suited for businesses that have a fleet of service vehicles or product delivery vehicles. Easy to apply and take off, car magnets can be used on all vehicles by turn thereby ensuring optimum use of its marketing potential. Every time your vehicles are driven around the city, your message will get the best of attention from your target audience. These full color attractive magnets will grab the attention of anyone who sees it, which means that your message will have an attentive secondary audience as well.

Car magnets make excellent promotional items considering the overwhelming majority of people who use cars on a daily basis to commute to a number of different locations. No matter whether the car is moving, stuck in the traffic block or moving, your message will get a highly effective promotion and wide angle display. Magnets leave a lasting impression in the minds of the audience and very often people will be keen to note down the contact details that they see on these attractive magnets.

Car magnets are the best representation of low cost promotional items that can turn into a highly effective, mobile advertisement for a company. Starting at prices of just a few cents, magnets are way cheaper than customary promotional items like billboards or TV advertisements. You can even have car magnets that can be imprinted on both sides to ensure double promotion at the cost of one.  Car magnets are a fun way to get your message across and make an excellent way to drive ahead your offline marketing strategies. Car magnets are well suited to promote all types of business especially car dealerships, service centers, movers and packers, cleaning services and more. These low cost items make exceptional handouts and businesses that deploy them are rest assured that they will get used.

Need custom car magnets to add wheels for your promotions? Browse our collection and choose a model that matches your needs.