Innovative Ways To Use Custom Magnets and Stickers To Enhance Your Branding

Custom magnets are fun and colorful and the best part is that these won’t be intrusive like a conventional advertisement.  Available in a wide range of interesting shapes and models, custom magnets and stickers can be cleverly incorporated into any marketing plan.

Here are some ideas for  your promotions.


Car magnets 

Custom car magnets are right for subtle branding, and make an excellent giveaway to your customers. It enhances the identity of their vehicles and makes it stand out in the crowded streets, while allowing them to do the advertising for you! Magnetic car signs are the ultimate tool for luxury branding.  Big enough to include all the promotional elements of your brand, these full color magnets will make a rolling billboard for your business that is hard to miss. Add your logo, message and artwork to make it stand out effectively.

House Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

Refrigerator magnets

Showcase your artwork and message in front of the audience with custom fridge magnets. Available in various popular models like calendar magnets, sports schedule magnets, save the date magnets and a lot more these logo magnets are easier to decorate with your logo and message.

Calendar magnets are a superb choice to create custom reminders. It will help  your prospects maintain their focus and push  themselves to achieve their goals and dreams. Your recipients can literally stick these logo magnets anywhere they like to make an easy way to track their schedules and assignments for a whole year.

Custom Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners


Let your customers sticker bomb their belongings to add a pop of color  and fun element with custom stickers while  your brand gets a grand display.  It is an effective way to create an emotional connection with your brand considering the high visibility that stickers enjoy.

Budget friendly and temporary, imprinted sticklers are the last words in budget marketing. Leave a lasting statement with custom stickers and engage your audience with a fun dialogue with your brand for a long time. Stickers are not just popular collectibles but make great talking topic for people. So, your message imprinted on these will definitely reach a wider audience than you think.

Customized Square White or Clear Plastic stickers

Sticker pages

If you are looking for a fun handout to promote arts and crafts schools, sticker pages will be a perfect choice. It is a great DIY activity for everyone. Inspire both kids and kids at heart to create sticker pages featuring stickers of different types.

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