June 1st Is Kentucky and Tennessee Statehood Day – Plan Your Promotions With Custom Magnets

Statehood Day in Kentucky and Tennessee is held on June 1 each year, when these states became the 15th and 16th states respectively. The day is celebrated with zeal and some of the attractions of the day include re-enactments of historical events, parades, displays of Native American life, arts and crafts exhibitions and a lot more.

For businesses , this day will make a perfect time to spread awareness about this day by handing out state flags and flag shaped handouts. Custom Kentucky shaped full color magnet is a nice way to remind the recipients about the culture and unique life style of Kentucky, fondly called the “Bluegrass State” and well known for horse racing, bourbon distilleries, and basketball matches. These magnets can be used to get your message across and the proud Kentuckians will feel proud to get this special edition gift. You can personalize these magnets with your logo and message to promote business and spread awareness about this great day.

3.5x3 Custom Kentucky Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

The people of Tennessee celebrate Statehood Day with tours to historical places and museums and other cultural events to celebrate the founding day of the state. If you are planning a fund raising event, community event or awareness event, custom Tennessee Shaped Magnets will make a great choice. Personalize these magnets with your brand and message and see how these tokens of state pride will grab a permanent spot on the refrigerator doors for your recipients and will become keepsakes and state memorabilia for most people even after the event gets over. Every time they see these state shaped magnets they will not just feel proud about their legacy but will thank your brand for being part of this great day.

3.5x3 Custom Tennessee Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Light weight, compact and easy to distribute, these logo magnets will make great mailer campaign gifts as well for businesses based in Kentucky and Tennessee. The best part is that these colorful magnets will make great talking points for anyone who sees it, which means your message on these will get a high speed promotion. Studies have shown that businesses that adopt a socially responsible promotion will get more patronage from customers than those that do not adopt this theme in their promotions. Sending out state shaped magnets is the best way to get connected with the community and your brand will enjoy a long tern brand value and good will being part of the joy and pride of celebrating the statehood.