Logo Magnets Make Popular Event Giveaways

Looking for a mailer item or store promotional giveaway for your customers? Something that stands the test of time and remains popular always?  How about  these cost effective yet useful custom magnets that have always proven to be successful? 

 Magnets are indeed  one of the most common promotional gifts you can find.  If you want to play it safe, but still offer something  your customers will remember, custom magnets will definitely be a great choice.

Why custom magnets


Promotional magnets will never go out of style! Easy to personalize, these full color magnets will double up as decorative pieces on fridge doors or filing cabinets . Your recipients will never forget your shop every time they see these magnets.

Easy to distribute

Custom magnets also come in small sizes, making it easy to distribute. No matter whether you wish to use it as gift with purchases, or store promotional  giveaways, you are rest assured of a high  brand exposure . Your customers will surely feel valued by your brand; because these freebies offer them something extra; something special.


In addition, magnets are useful and popular among people of all ages and demographics. Apart from being a fridge décor item, it will even make a handy spot to keep reminders and shopping lists for your audience. Further, it will make a great reference for your brand every time they need to reach out to you.T So, they need not ransack the shelves looking for your business card or flip through the Yellow pages to find your contact details.

These full color refrigerator magnets will obviously remain in plain sight of the audience for a long time. On a rough estimate a person opens the fridge door for 20 times or more, . So, just imagine the impressions that your brand on these full color magnets will make during its impressive shelf life.


Available in a wide range of quirky shapes, custom magnets will easily surprise and amuse children as much as adults. Choose from a wide range of popular models like business card magnets, car magnets, picture frame magnets and a lot more to complement your promotional theme.

Completely customizable

These full color, factory direct magnets that are made in USA can be customized with your logo, message or artwork. Put on your creative caps to make it interesting as never before. A well customized magnets often ends up as a great talking topic as well.

Budget friendly

 Custom magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions. By ordering in bulk,  printed magnets cost you next to nothing. The low cost advantage of magnets make it a perfect choice for mass events like trade shows or mailer campaigns.

 Explore our complete line of custom magnets or  contact our team if you wish to make custom magnets as your swag.

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