Make Your Message Stick longer With Custom Refrigerator Magnets

We all have grown up seeing refrigerator magnets turning fridge doors to a colorful graffiti or a family photo album! Most people simply love to keep their grocery list, kids artwork or little reminders on the fridge door using magnets while kids show off their ‘A’ scores underneath these magnets to make sure that it gets the attention of anyone who passes by! Refrigerator magnets grab easy attention and placing your brand and message on it is the easiest and the most effective way to turn heads. Custom magnets make attractive collectibles, fridge décor items and fun toys – all rolled into one.

Custom magnets are offered in a range of shapes, sizes and colors and it seems that nobody can get enough of these even in the present robotic age. Refrigerator magnets will ensure amazing visibility to your marketing message considering the fact that an average person opens the refrigerator door 40 times per day, which translate to a staggering 14600 impressions every year! Let’s be frank about it! There are not many custom gifts that get as much attention as custom magnets and the best part is that these are cheap as chips, which let even budget marketers employ these in their promotions.

Make your custom refrigerator magnets stand out by imprinting funny phrases and tag lines, which will turn heads easily. These colorful magnets will add character and color to the plain fridge doors and will grab attention of anyone who sees it, thereby spreading your message to a wider audience.

Promotional refrigerator magnets are available in dime a dozen models including business card magnets, save the date magnets, calendar magnets and many more. Fridge magnets have become iconic fixtures in our homes that will jazz up the fridge door and make a handy hold up for the shopping lists for your recipients all the while being a high visibility billboard for your brand. The more the number of times your recipients see your brand, the more will be the brand recall. Next time when they need your services or products, they know where to find you.

Here are some best-selling custom refrigerator magnets that can be made part of your marketing mix.

3.5×4 Custom Refrigerator Magnets: These round corner magnets will make an impressive way to put your message on display in front of your audience. Personalize these magnets with your artwork or message in full color to grab easy attention.

3.5x4 Custom Refrigerator Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

2×3.5 Personalized Business Card Magnets: These business card magnets will not get trashed or misplaced and will occupy the easily visible spots on the fridge doors of your recipients. Imprint your contact details, brand and message to ensure long term ROI. Offered in attractive price range, these logo magnets will make steady impressions.

2x3.5 Personalized Business Card Magnets 25 Mil

Refrigerator Calendar Magnets: Put your brand on display for a whole year on these calendar magnets that will enjoy a lot of attention. Even after the year is gone, calendar magnets end up as interesting collectibles.

3.5x6 Custom Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Truck Shape Magnets Shaped magnets grab easy attention and convey your business theme the most striking way. These full color magnets that are shaped like trucks will let your recipients know about your message without any lengthy text or information.

5x1.7 Custom Semi Truck Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Have you used any of these refrigerator magnets in your promotions? If yes, share your experiences with us at the comments section.