Make Your Promotional Message Stick Longer With Custom Magnets

There can’t be many other marketing tools that can tirelessly work as hard as promotional magnets. Once your recipients stick these to the fridge doors, these will stay for a long time. Apart from being a billboard for your brand, these magnets also double up as a handy option for your recipients to stick the kids’ artwork, shopping lists and reminders.

Every time your recipients open their refrigerator doors (which can happen 20 times a day or more !), your brand on these will grab their attention and you can imagine the tremendous potential exposure for your business that these custom refrigerator magnets can ensure.

Here are a few tips to make your custom magnets stand out

  • To make your promotional magnets stand out from the rest of the crop, make sure to choose a quirky shaped model or settle for brilliant colors or magnets that double up as notepads, which will bring back the users to your brand more.
  • Turn it into a gift certificate or get a coupon imprinted on the magnets to give it a value
  • Sports schedule magnets will make a great way to stay connected to the sports lovers and these magnets will continue to be cherished as souvenirs even after the season.
  • If your market is local, make sure to imprint the local events and fairs on the magnets that could be of interest to your community.
  • You can also imprint emergency phone numbers, CPR techniques, kitchen conversion table and any such information that your recipients will find useful. The more these magnets engage the audience the more will be your brand exposure
  • If you take orders by phone, a refrigerator magnet will make a great marketing item as it will help your recipients to reach out to you easily. People often misplace business cards and fail to find the contact details when they need. These custom magnets can double up as your business cards that will never get lost.
  • Personalize the magnets in an innovative way that will give them a tempting reason to call you
  • Interesting call to action message like “call now to get discounts” or “visit our stores to grab free samples” will all stir up interest in the minds of your customers.

Here are a few ideas worth trying out

Business Card Magnets Turn these magnets into your business cards by printing your address and phone number and make sure that your audience will always have your contact details right in front of them. The big plus – People will never misplace them!

2x3.5 Custom Pizza Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Shaped magnets : Choose from a range of different shapes and colors that complement your business so that these will stand out on the fridge doors.

3.25x3 Custom Printed Big Heart Shaped Awareness Magnets 25 Mil

Calendar magnets: Calendars are something everyone needs and these magnets that serve as calendars will make a smart way to drive up your brand recall.

5.25x8 Custom Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Imprinted magnets can stretch your marketing dollars to go a long way thanks to its ridiculously cheap price rates. Magnets make ideal handouts during mass mailer campaigns and tradeshows as you can easily reach out to everyone without having to break your bank. The best part is that custom magnets are available in dime a dozen models, which will create an interesting twist to your promotions. Browse our collection and choose a model that matches your needs.