Pace Up Your Back To School Promotions With School Shaped Magnets

Schools are closed for summer vacations and kids have all gone on holidays. But for schools it makes a busy time to get braced up for the next academic year and marketing their school. Apart from giving a fresh coat of paint to the school and restocking library books and sports items, it is also a perfect time for schools to promote their brand and to attract fresh students during the new academic year. The success of any school will depend on its student strength as it will not just generate money for the sustenance and development of the institution but will also enhance your goodwill and brand value.

Custom magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions, which make it a perfect choice for mass promotional events like tradeshows and mailer campaigns. Custom gifts work out cheaper than television and newspaper advertisements and will leave lasting brand impressions. Our made in USA magnets also strictly adhere to US labor conditions and meet the quality standards and make great promotional item for schools to enhance their brand visibility.

Another form of advertising which works best for schools is the word-of-mouth advertising because schools largely gain from referrals. Parents spend a .lot of time and effort to find the best education institution for their kids and often take tips from their friends, neighbors or colleagues on the best possible options in schools for their kids to attend to. Magnets do make an interesting talking topic that will set off word of mouth publicity.

By putting their promotional dime on these promotional bus shaped refrigerator magnets, schools can reinforce their brand in the minds of their target audience. The quirky shape of these magnets will make a delightful fixture over the refrigerator doors and your brand on these will grab a lot of attention. Be it as a toy, a refrigerator art or a brand billboard, these brightly colored custom magnets will make an engaging banter topic among not just your recipients but their guests and in fact anyone who sees it!

Here are some of the models that you will find interesting

Custom School Bus Shaped Magnets 20 Mil: Add more wheels to your back to school promotions by handing out these attractive school bus shaped magnets that can be customized with your brand and message. Every parent will love to get these unusual handouts that will literally put your brand right in front of their eyes.

4.88x2.12 Custom School Bus Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

5.25×1.75 Custom School Bus Shaped Magnets: This magnet can be favored by educational institutions to deploy some important brand information, announce school policies and summer camps or host fundraisers among others. These delightful magnets will double up as a fun toy for kids that they will love to talk about with their friends, thereby influencing them.

5.25x1.75 Custom School Bus Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

4.88×2.12 Custom Printed School Bus Shape Magnets: Offered in a range of shapes and thicknesses, bus shaped magnets will stir up team spirit or brand loyalty among the spectators. They stand out from all metallic surfaces like refrigerators and lockers to grab easy attention.

4.88x2.12 Custom Printed School Bus Shape Magnets 20 Mil

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