I Love Horses Day is on July 15th – Celebrate With Custom Magnets

Celebrate the majestic beauty of horses on July 15th, which is observed as I love horses day. Symbol of power and elegance, horses have always enamored humans. The beautiful bond that a jockey shares with his horse is something difficult to explain. The immense popularity of equestrian shows, polo games and horse races will all explain how popular these beasts of beauty are in human society.

I Love Horses Day is on July 15th – Celebrate With Custom Magnets

The fact that we even have an exclusive day in the annual calendar to celebrate the beauty and love for these magnificent animals is something to cheer about for all those who love horses. It makes a perfect day for veterinary services, horse races and polo teams to come up with some interesting horse themed promotional initiatives and freebies.

So, if you are looking for a unique horse themed gift for your patrons, look no further than these horse care magnets. Offered in a range of shapes and sizes, these custom magnets are well suited for mass promotional events like horse care camps or mailer campaigns among others.

You would surely love these Horse Shape Eco Friendly Rectangle Notekeeper Magnets as a gift item to celebrate this day. Made of high quality materials, these eco-friendly magnets can be customized with message or artwork that is relevant to your business.

2x3.5 Custom Horse Shape Eco Friendly Rectangle Notekeeper Magnets 20 Mil

Shapes and colors grab attention of the onlookers more than text and that explains the immense popularity that these horse shaped Magnets 20 Mil enjoy. A beautiful frame and an elegant gait to boast, horses grab easy attention. Put your brand on these horse shaped magnets to make your message as popular as these wonderful animals. These 20 MIL, non-toxic, made in USA eco-friendly magnet contains 50% recycled magnetic material, which makes it a perfect choice for Earth day celebrations and green themed events.

3.12x3.5 Custom Horse Shaped Horse Care Magnets 20 Mil

We have Horse Care Magnets in various models and shapes like round corner and square corners to suit your diverse promotional needs. Interestingly horse themed magnets not just make great promotional items but also fund raising items and motivational gifts that everyone will love. Customize these with your brand and message and see these delightful magnets will drive up the pace and pulse of your branding campaign.

Everyone loves horses for its beauty and strength, which makes these horse care magnets perfect hand outs to promote all types of brands and businesses. Well retained and popular, magnets will guarantee assured ROI and have a very low cost per impressions. Once you hand out these custom magnets, these will keep your brand fresh not just in the minds of your recipients but also whoever sees it.

How do you plan to celebrate the upcoming I love horses day? Share your ideas and gift tips with us in the comments section.