Have You Ordered Your Magnetic Business Cards For The Trade Show Season?

With the tradeshow season fully on, most businesses are busy getting ready with their promotional materials and breaking open the crates of the last tradeshow season. While you can still use the table banners and displays of the previous year, there are some items like business cards that need to be ordered fresh during every tradeshow season. Feted as one of the most important networking tool, business cards leave the first impression about your brand among your audience.

2x3.5 Custom Printed Travel Agent Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Why settle for old fashioned paper cards when you have the option of long lasting business card magnets? Still thinking?

Here are 3 Reasons that makes Magnetic Business Cards Superior

Business Card Magnets are attention grabbing: Attendees visiting tradeshow booths often collect business cards and brochures mechanically and drop into their bag without even bothering to read it. However, magnetic business cards that feel different and look different from the conventional paper cards will grab easy attention and will leave a long lasting impression in the minds of your prospective customers.

The full color imprint of your brand and message will never fail to grab the attention of people. These business cards will not get trashed or damaged and will enjoy a permanent place on the refrigerator doors of your customers. Every time they need to avail your products or services they will know where to find you. Magnetic business cards will surely give a unique identity for your brand and services.

Business Card Magnets are long lasting: Attendees bring back hundreds of business cards into their homes after attending big tradeshows and business events, adding to the clutter of their spaces. So, only the best business cards will avoid the trash cans and these long lasting business card magnets will surely make their way to their filing cabinets or fridge doors. Apart from being a business card, these will double pull as a handy place to stick up the daily reminders and shopping lists as well. These colorful magnets will also make eye catching fridge decor items that will grab easy attention of anyone who sees it. After all, you never know when someone might need your products- with your business card magnets always in full display – you’ll never miss any order!

Business Card Magnets Offer Better Value for Money: Custom magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions, which make them popular freebies. Though paper business cards cost less they are more likely to get trashed in a few minutes since it reaches the hands of the recipients whereas business card magnets continue to work for your brand for a very long time since you hand out these to your recipients. Thus business card magnets offer more value for money.

So, before attending your next trade show, make sure to get your magnetic business card magnets ready as these can be printed and customized in just a few days. The best part is that these business card magnets are available in various models including sports schedule magnets and calendar magnets among others. More the utility more will be the retention of promotional items and that is another reason why business card magnets fare well in promotional circuits.

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