Custom Magnets- Success Story#1- Sports Themed Custom Magnets

Business card magnets stay longer and look good than paper business cards. This is the reason why people use it. Erin Welch one of our regular customers who runs a sports apparel stores at a stone’s throw away from our office wanted a tradeshow handout that is budget friendly. Though he has used a few other custom magnet products like calendar magnets and sports schedule magnets to promote his shop before, this is the first time he thought of using magnetic business cards in business events.

3 Inch Custom Soccer Ball Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

He first took note of these brilliantly colored full color business card magnets on the cabinet doors of his friend who is into food product business. Erin wanted to make his business cards a bit interesting. So he decided to opt for these peel stick sports schedule business card magnets. The Pro Baseball schedule on his business cards will bring back the sports loving target audience more often to his business cards that are stuck on their fridge doors. Every time they do so, their engagement with his brand will go up for sure.

The big plus is that these sports schedule magnets will continue to occupy the refrigerator doors of his audience as sports souvenirs even after the baseball season! The interesting design of his business cards complemented the theme of his business perfectly and was just in time for the baseball season. Erin was indeed happy to have a fresh set of sports themed business card magnets in his kitty.

Erin was also planning to get a new store opened and he asked us for clues on the best possible hand outs to his regular customers and for mailer campaigns. We suggested these quirky football shaped magnets to drive up the buzz of the campaigns and make it more interesting. His recipients will surely be pleased to get a mini football for their refrigerator doors while his store logo will get their attention. These budget friendly custom magnets fell into his budget and made a perfect choice as his new store promotional items.

Shaped magnets have always been one of our top sellers. For Erin Welch it made a perfect choice to announce his new store opening and his message in an appealing way. He was thrilled at the congratulatory messages he received from some of his clients who got these magnets along with the mailers. It enhanced the surprise element of the campaign, which made his competitors see red!

In a highly competitive business line of sports goods, Erin indeed needed a promotional item that is budget friendly yet attention grabbing to make his message well heard. By shopping for football shaped magnets he managed both. We at Custom Magnets Direct were indeed elated when Erin visited us again with some sports T shirts as gifts for our team. It was indeed so nice and thoughtful of him. Business relations often evolve into long lasting personal relations and this story of Erin Welch is a perfect example for that.