How Personalized Magnets Grab Attention

Custom magnets are made to attract! Not just metal but the attention of your audience as well. If you think all those business cards and flyers were of not much use in driving sales, it is time for you to take a fresh look at your promotional strategies.

Think it this way- Customers already have scores of business cards from people just like you and is there any special reason that makes your cards more unique and memorable. Unfortunately, flyers and brochures get tossed out even before getting read so are paper business cards. By replacing your conventional promotional items like brochures and paper business cards with custom magnets, you can make sure that your brand name will be seen by your customers every day.

Why promotional Magnets

While most paper-based promotional materials get trashed quickly, people will hold on to useful items like magnets. A trendy full color magnet that is customized with funny taglines or artwork will make a great fridge décor item and a smart way to hold up the shopping lists and reminders. No matter how your magnets are used for, your recipients will see your message dozens of times a day, making it more likely for them to remember your name when they need your services.

Business card magnets

Custom business card magnets are easy to customize and will make a great way to show your professionalism and attract the attention of anyone who sees it. The best part is that these cards will never get lost, torn or misplaced and will stay safe for a very long time on the fridge doors or filing cabinets of the recipients. Often consumers fail to turn up at the favorite stores as often as they wish just because they lost the contact details or website address. These custom magnetic business cards will keep the communication channels open with your customers effectively.

2x3.5 Custom Restaurant Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Shaped magnets

Shaped magnets grab easy attention and will put your message bang on target. The best part is that shaped magnets will talk about your business line the most effective way possible without even resorting to piles of text. For instance can there be a better way to talk about your pizzeria than a pizza shaped magnet or a house shaped magnet to promote a realtor service? Your recipients need only to see these shaped magnets to know what your business is!   Customize it with your message and contact details to make it a highly effective marketing tool that will never stop working for you!

1.75x2.75 Custom Cowboy Boot Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Car magnets

Take your business message right into your audience by putting it on car magnets that will make your brand portable and well exposed. Put on your creative caps and come up with a unique message that people will remember. Car magnets are available in dime a dozen models; choose a model that suits your needs and make sure your message sticks around.

Need more? Browse our collection of custom magnets and choose a model that matches your needs.