Nurses Week Is From May 6th–12th– Plan Your Promotions With Custom Magnets

National Nurses Week which starts May 6th and ends on May 12th which is also Florence Nightingale’s birthday makes a great occasion to honor the nursing community, recognize their contributions to make a happy and healthy community and popularize nursing as a possible career choice. Hospitals and health care institutions can organize free health check up camps and health runs to spread the message of this event. Businesses who wish to be part of this event will find custom magnets as perfect promotional items to spread the message or Nurses week and popularize their brand all at once.

Nurses Week Is From May 6th–12th– Plan Your Promotions With Custom Magnets

This world would not have been as it is today but for the healing touch of nurses. Always pleased to serve the ailing and the distressed, nurses spread smile and hope to people all through their career. It is time for us to give something back to them in recognition of their self less service.

Hospitals and health care institutions can consider custom nurses week magnets customized with inspirational message and artwork as possible handouts. Every time they see these attractive full color magnets on their filing cabinets and work desks, they will surely feel special and well appreciated.

Nurses week magnets make great fund raising items for non- profit organizations as well. Everyone will be happy to buy these personalized magnets as tokens of appreciation for the nursing community. The proceeds generated can be utilized for the welfare of nurses. Light weight and compact, these magnets will make great handouts during tradeshows and health fairs as well.

If you are planning a mailer campaign during Nurses week, there can’t be a better handout than these custom magnets. Your recipients will surely be impressed at these little tokens that will find their way to their fridge doors to enjoy unhindered visibility for a long time.

Marketers that wish to highlight their social commitment will find custom nurses week magnets a great awareness campaign handout. Spread the message in the community about the selfless service and the unparalleled dedication of nurses through these magnets.

Here are some bestselling Nurses week magnets that you will love for sure.

Custom Nurse Fridge Magnets: Hospitals can use these attractive fridge magnets to boost the spirits of their nurses and to promote their message. Personalize with artwork or quote to make it truly unique and bespoke.

4x7 Custom Nurse Fridge Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Band Aid Shape Nurse Fridge Magnets: Nurses are always boon to our society and they dedicate their lives serving the needy and injured. Health care institutions can use these quirky band aid shaped full color magnets to promote their nursing services. It will make a great employee gift for the nurses on this special occasion that will boost their morale.

3.5x1.1 Custom Band Aid Shape Nurse Fridge Magnets 20 Mil

Syringe Shape Nurse Fridge Magnets: These eye catching syringe shaped magnets are great for promoting medical or nursing services due to its typical shape. Put your brand and message on to get maximum attention.

1.37x4.87 Custom Syringe Shape Nurse Fridge Magnets 20 Mil

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