Custom Awareness Magnets – The Best Way To Make Your Voice Heard!

Looking for a sure shot way to garner publicity for a cause that you have been working hard on? Organizing an awareness campaign is the best way to go about it. Custom awareness magnets are one of the best tools to consider because firstly, these are budget friendly and secondly magnets will never fail to capture the attention of your audience. These full color magnets that are customized with your message will enjoy a great retention too.

.6875x2.25 Promotional Awareness Ribbon Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Still thinking? Here are some reasons that make custom magnets great options for your causes

Magnets enjoy high visibility:  Custom magnets make your recipients feel they are part of this social cause because they remain right in front of their eyespan and keep the message alive unlike social media campaigns and brochures that have a very low shelf life. Magnets make a tangible handout that will make your recipients feel that they are really part of a social cause. Magnets grab easy attention of anyone who sees it and makes an engaging talking topic. These occupy high visibility spots like refrigerator doors that make prime real estate for your brand and message. Your message on these will never get overlooked for sure.

Magnets engage your recipients on an emotional level: By customizing magnets with motivating messages you can make your audiences feel that they have the power to make a difference in the society and do something worthwhile. The success of any campaign depends on how well you can connect with your audience on an emotional level. Use your imagination and creative skills to make these custom awareness magnets talk for your cause. Choose messages that convey your initiative and make your recipients believe in your cause.

Engage your audience: Custom magnets will engage your audience with your cause and brand in a light hearted way. Customized magnets create ample opportunities to facilitate easy interaction and small talks with your audience. When you hand out these eye-catching full color magnets to everyone around you can spark a little banter session with them, which in turn will give the much needed publicity to your cause. It will go a long way in establishing a mutual connection and increase the chances of supporting the cause.

Magnets make it easy for people to remember your cause: Magnets will make a perfect handout for the campaign attendees as they will be taking home your contact information and social message all at once. Every time your audience sees these logo magnets, they will remember to support your campaign without you having to do any repeat effort. Custom magnets have incredible power to convince people to support the cause in a subtle and non intrusive manner unlike many other publicity methods like flyers or online campaigns.

Consider ribbon shaped magnets that are used for awareness campaigns. They are easily recognizable and very appropriate to raise awareness about social causes. Choose an appropriate color that match your cause and you are all set to stir off a lot of interest for your cause. Magnets are timeless classics in awareness campaigns. Make sure to include it in your campaign mix to get the best results at the lowest rates possible.