How Custom Football Schedule Magnets Can Be Used To Raise Funds

Football- It is not just an exciting ball game where 11 players fight it out to get hold of the ball and to net it into the rival team’s goal post. It is a passion that runs in the blood line of Americans and is one of the most popular sports in the country. It enjoys the patronage of over 111 million Americans who follow professional football game closely. So, if you are planning a fund raising drive for the booster clubs or local leagues can there be a better way than a football schedule magnet that will also lob up your brand image.

Football Sports magnets have massive imprint area that can be turned into a prime real estate to position your message, game schedules and in fact anything that you wish to share with your audience. Football schedule magnets will easily bring in a fresh vigor to your fund raising campaign as well. Just imprint your logo and sports schedules of your home team to make it a hot fund raiser that will rake in the funds that you may need.

How Football Magnets Make Great Fun Raising Items?

Let’s be frank about it! Most sports programs are heavily dependent on the benevolence of strangers to source funds for uniforms, equipment and field upkeep. Football schedules are a wonderful fundraising tool as everyone will find it useful. They stick around all season and even beyond as sports souvenirs. If you are planning to raise funds for your team use football schedule magnets.

  • You can print your team schedule to keep the audience engaged with the team and your message.
  • Sell it as game day souvenirs at the ticket counter for the football fans
  • Use it as team spirit items for the players and audience, at a small price

Sports schedule magnets appeal to everyone who loves this game and are budget friendly and easy to customize and store. Custom magnets are not perishable, have low minimum requirements and make popular collectibles and fridge décor items. Everyone will love these full color magnets even more when they have their home team’s schedule on that.

Football matches are getting more popular day by day and drive more spectators on to the ground than never before! We have an impressive selection of football sports schedule magnets that will let you choose a model that matches your budget. The die-hard footie fans will never miss out any of their favorite matches thanks to these magnets on their refrigerators that remind them of the game days many times a day! As the sports fans root for their favorite team from the sidelines, your brand will also get a loud cheer for being supportive of the sports that they love so much.

Here are some of the custom magnets that double pull as fund raising items

Football Helmet Shape Magnets: The quirky shape of these magnets will grab easy attention and will give your message the much needed exposure. These can be employed as fund raising items for football clubs, school and football teams among others. Small budget marketers and they can grab it at fractional costs by ordering them in bulk.

4.25x3.5 Custom Football Helmet Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Soccer Ball Shaped Magnets: The pride of every soccer lover, these full color magnets will get sold off like hot cakes during your fund raising events.

3 Inch Custom Soccer Ball Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Football Shape Indoor Magnets: Show the support and love for your favorite team using this 7×4 Custom Football Shape Indoor Magnets 30 Mil. The unique shape of these printable magnets will earn a lot of fans.

7x4 Custom Football Shape Indoor Magnets 30 Mil

We have a lot more! Browse and shop at your pace and make your fund raising event a success.