Picture Frame Magnets – Your Brand Will Never Be Out Of Their Sight

The axiom “Out of sight, out of mind holds true in promotional advertising. Every business strives to keep its brand in plain view of their audience to create fresh impressions. In a market inundated with scores of brands, getting distracted is easy for your prospects.

Picture frame magnets make a subtle way for marketers to keep their brand well spotted. It makes a great marketing investment considering the high retention and popularity that it enjoys. These custom magnets hold not just the snapshots of your audience but your brand message as well. Every time they cherish these personal moments, your audience will keep your brand closer to their hearts as well.

3.5x4.5 Custom Imprinted Heart Picture Frame Awareness Magnets 25 Mil

Here are some of the benefits that you will find interesting

Highly Useful

 Picture frame magnets make a great fridge décor item and a hold up for the little reminders or recipes of your recipients. Every time they open their fridge doors they will be reminded of your brand and message. It is not all! Refrigerators occupy the high traffic zones like the kitchen or living room in most homes. So, an attractive custom magnet will be seen not just by the family members but their guests or in fact anyone who comes to the house while your message gets a lot of word of mouth publicity.

Two for the Price of One!

Your recipients get the dual advantage of a picture frame and a refrigerator magnet all at once while the marketers get to advertise in two spaces rather than one. Perfect win-win

Spreads smiles

Probably the best thing about custom picture frame magnets is that it will brighten up the day of your recipients and bring a smile to their faces. These versatile magnets can be used in many situations, events and holidays. The best part is that it will allow people to have a special photo frame in their kitchen where they spend most of their family time. It is a wonderful way to get across your message and make memories for your audience.

The best thing about photo frame magnets is that they convey your message without any marketing angle. Studies show that people remember brands and businesses that have enhanced the value or happiness of their lives. Photo frame magnets thus make your brand a huge hit among your key audience

Handout photo frame magnets to your audience during milestones, special occasions and more. They will never fail to appreciate this thoughtful gesture of your business. Are you planning to use these custom magnets in your promotions? Do share your ideas with us on our facebook.