Popular Types of Promotional Magnets And Why You Need Them

Logo magnets have indeed evolved to be one of the most popular promotional swag in recent times. Subtle yet effective, custom magnets win hands down as budget friendly promotional items that are hard to miss. The best part is that logo magnets will fit into any marketing plan with seamless perfection.

So, here are some of the popular magnet models that are worth investing in.

Car magnets

Market your brand to the masses at an incredibly low price with custom car magnets. It will promote your message on the go, raise funds for the cause or promote awareness message among others.

Refrigerator Magnets

One of the most popular models in custom magnets, fridge magnets are obviously a fabulous way to reach and retain customers. Available in a wide range of shapes and models, these full color magnets make a perfect backdrop for you to showcase your marketing message. Some of the popular models include save the date magnets, picture frame magnets, shaped magnets, sports magnets and so much more. Ideal for all types of businesses, these full color magnets will even easily engage your audience with your message in an effective way.

Sports Schedule magnets

Sports schedules are huge! Moreover, these will promote your brand not just during the sports season but beyond as well. Available in various sports themes, these are  highly popular among team members,  fans and the general public. The best part is that these full color magnets can also be used to promote all types of businesses.

Get started by choosing your sport, add the schedules of your pro, college, or high school teams along with your mascot and logo. It will definitely help customers to follow every game without missing anything. In addition, you’ll also be their first call when your services are needed. Win- win

Sports schedule magnets make excellent talking topic among   every genre of audience. Thus your message will reach a wider audience group at one time investment.

Picture frame magnets

Make your brand the favorite reference item of every household by customizing custom picture frame magnets. These trendy magnets that double up as picture frames are definitely something everyone will appreciate. Apart from your logo and contact details, you can add other useful information like kitchen conversion units, event calendars and more. Incorporating interesting information on magnets will obviously make it a true winner.


Awareness magnets

Custom awareness magnets support causes or teams. So, choose magnets that complement your awareness event theme to rally the audience together to support your social cause. For instance, ribbon shaped magnets are universally recognized awareness magnets that  make excellent fund raising items and mailer items among others.

Shaped magnets

Choosing logo magnets in the shape of your mascot or product will indeed create a strong impact in the minds of your audience  and help them remember your brand better. For instance, pet care services can choose paw shaped magnets to get across their message. Shaped magnets will leave an emotional connection with your audience and help them to reach out to your business more often.

So, how are you planning to use custom magnets as your promotional merchandise? Share your ideas with us on our facebook page.

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